Often, users of a computer or anotherSimilar problems arise with how to turn on the microphone. After all, this is a specific device and only one connection through the socket by means of a plug is sometimes not enough, since it is necessary to additionally configure its operation through software.

How to turn on the microphone on a computer / laptop

First of all, you need to insert the device plug into thecorresponding socket with a microphone image. Further, if the device does not connect automatically, you need to go to the "Start", select the "Programs" tab, then "Standard", select "Entertainment" in them and turn on the microphone device. More information on this topic can be found in our article - How to connect a microphone to a computer.

Do not make a mistake and produceconnection of the microphone only in the "Playback" mode, after all it is necessary to perform these actions in the "Recording" mode. In addition, it is necessary to check if the sound drivers are installed, namely, its recordings on this computer. In order to connect the microphone to the headphones, make sure that the two plugs of these headphones are connected to the connectors of the identical color in the computer. As a tip on some gadgets next to the connector for the microphone is drawn its icon - a small microphone.

If you have any problems connecting, it will be useful to read our article - How to check the microphone.

How to turn on the microphone in Skype?

If the microphone is already connected to the computer, itmay not work in some programs, so you must additionally activate it directly in this application. When you start Skype, you need to open the "Recording" tab in the sound window and there you can click the recording device that should be used by the program. It should be marked with a check mark and set to "default".

If this did not activate the microphone,go to the "Properties" window and make sure that the "Use this device" tab is enabled. In the "Levels" window you can also make sure that the microphone is really turned on and the maximum sound level for recording is selected. Much more information about connecting a microphone for Skype you can find in our article - How to configure a microphone in Skype.

Enabling the microphone in games

To turn on the microphone in any game or other application, you need to go to the "Settings" of the game and there switch the microphone toggle switch to the value "on".

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