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How to play the joystick?

Many fans of games periodically replacestandard keyboard joystick, with which you can play not only sitting in the chair, but also slightly distanced from the monitor and taking a comfortable pose. But what if the game does not have a gamepad connection (joystick)? After reading our article, you will learn how to fix it, and you can easily play on the joystick.

Joystick setting

If you want to play any game withjoystick, then in this case you can not do without a special program called Xpadder. It is worth noting that this program not only allows you to simulate keyboard buttons during the game - with it you can control the video player and even draw in Paint! The installation of the program is as follows:

  1. Download the program from the official site
  2. Launch the application and connect the gamepad.
  3. Create a new gamepad profile by selecting the "New" tab in the top toolbar.
  4. After that, select the appropriate buttons using the setup wizard and configure them.

Having adjusted the joystick, you can start the game. It should be noted that with the help of the joystick you can play almost any game - you need to properly configure the gamepad.

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Playing together

If you want to play a game with a friend using two joysticks, read the recommendations and you can play together on one computer:

  1. For each device, make an individual adjustment.
  2. To play on one computer, use different devices, since if you want to connect the same joysticks, they will interrupt each other.
  3. Try to select devices with the Xinput connection option, which is newer and contains synchronization and switching capabilities.
  4. To avoid errors, create the same connection, either Xinput or DirectInput (a more obsolete version).

If you could not connect twodevice, try using the switch on the back of the joystick or install an additional application - so the devices will work in different technologies.

Once the devices are installed, you can enjoy a pair game.

For more information on connecting the joystick, see How to connect the joystick to the computer.

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