Quite often we come across a problem"unreadable" CD / DVD-ROM drive, and in this case the answer, why it happens, lies on the surface - probably the disk is scratched, and you can say goodbye to wanting to access the information stored on it. However, sometimes a flash drive is not readable, and there may be several reasons for the problems. In this article we will understand why this can happen and how to solve the problem.

A flash card or a computer?

How to understand the reason for the unreadable USB flash drive- Is it a malfunction or is it in the computer? Very simple! Try to insert into the computer another USB flash drive or any device with a USB cable. If another device is read, then the problem is directly in the flash drive, and in such a situation it is almost impossible to help. Maybe you somehow failed very badly dropped the USB flash drive, or maybe some virus "spoiled" it. In the event that none of the USB media or cable is recognized, the problem is in the computer. Let's analyze the basic problems.

Insufficient USB port power

This situation can arise for two reasons: or you have already connected to your PC too many devices, or the volume of the flash drive is very large, and this creates an excessive load. In order to solve the first problem, disable several devices, read the necessary data from the USB flash drive and connect them again. As for the second reason, nothing can help here, except that the computer is more powerful.

By the way, the most common problemLow power is typical when connecting the USB flash drive to the USB port on the front panel of the system unit. These ports, as a rule, are fed low power, because the front connectors are not connected to the motherboard. In this case, try inserting the USB flash drive into the connectors on the back of the system unit.

Invalid name

The computer at a connection with a flash drive appropriates ita certain name that sometimes can coincide with the name of a network drive, which leads to ambiguity and the impossibility of reading files. In this case, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the "Control Panel" of the computer, click on the item "Administration".
  2. In the opened folder, select "Computer Management", then in the appeared window on the left "Disk Management".
  3. A list of discs appears before you. If the cause is in an incorrect assignment, you will see your flash drive here.
  4. We right-click on the flash drive, in the drop-down menu we select "Change the drive letter or path to the disk" and assign it any free letter.

No drivers required

Perhaps the drivers for reading USB equipment on your computer are out of date. In this case, you need to update them. The drivers you need for your computer model can be downloaded on the Internet.


It is likely that the problem lies in the viruses on your computer. So, you need to download the antivirus, carry out the necessary "therapy" and try to read the flash drive again.

Here, perhaps, all the main reasons why a flash drive can not be read. We hope that the above instructions will help you solve the problem.

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