Virtual com port performs the functionjoining several application software to one physical port. This is due to the copying of the digital number of transport protocols. Applications, in turn, operate with a virtual port sending information to the physical to which the device is connected.

What you need to organize a virtual serial port

  1. The presence of a personal computer with the Internet connected;
  2. Any navigator on the Internet;
  3. The program application Advanced Virtual COM Port;
  4. USB Serial Converter;
  5. USB Serial Converter
    Virtual Null Modem utility.

Step-by-step organization of a virtual com-port

  1. Open the navigator and download the softwareThe Advanced Virtual COM Port application, which accommodates network settings, as well as local ones for the created port. The platform organizes a virtual connection device and connects to it via a modem, using a network connection or the Internet. Received ports function no worse than physical ones.
  2. Install the application.
  3. We launch it and organize the port:
    • Click the "Create port" button;
      Create Port
    • We mark the source of the device;
    • We carry out the proposed instructions;
    • In the "Start" menu item we are looking for "Control Panel", then in the "Device Manager" we find the created port.
  4. Download the driver program to configure the virtual serial port on the computer.
  5. Unpack the archive and connect the USB cable to the connector of the system unit. The second end of the cable remains unattended. This will automatically install the device.
  6. We select the menu item "Finding the right driver for the device" and through the "Browse" we find the downloaded driver. After completing all the procedures, click "Finish".
  7. Next, the Serial Port Setup Wizard starts. Just follow the instructions.
  8. We reboot the computer.
    Create Port
  9. In the "Device Manager" menu we find the created port.
  10. Download and install the software utilityVirtual Null Modem (performs emulation of two com-ports via an unreal null modem), which after opening will offer to organize a new device, say "Yes" to it. We select the necessary ports and click "OK".
  11. The program will do everything itself. It will only reboot the system unit and check the presence of com-ports through the "Device Manager".
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