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How do I partition a hard drive on windows 8?

There is an opinion that it is impossible to break a hard disk into parts without using extraneous programs, but this is a misconception. Now we will tell you how to perform this operation in Windows 8.

Sometimes users are faced with the fact that they do notIt is possible to break the hard disk into parts. This can happen because the protection system is enabled, so make sure that all antivirus programs on your computer are turned off.

To partition a hard disk on a computer running the windows 8 operating system, you need to complete the following:

  1. So, first you need to go to the "Disk Management" menu. To do this, press the Windows + R keys. Then the window will open, in which you need to write diskmgmt.msc and press "Enter".
  2. Then you get into "Disk Management" or"Windows Disk Utility", if the language of the system is English. Note, in order to create disk partitions, you need to have free space on it. To do this, you need to compress the hard drive.
  3. Right-click the disk that you want to divide, and select "Compress volume" or "Shrink Volume". For example, if you want to create a partition of 1 gigabyte, enter 1000 megabytes in the text box.
  4. After this item, theSpecify how much memory you want to allocate for the new disk partition and how much to leave for the old one. To properly partition a disk, look at how much information you want to store on a new disk partition and create a new disk with the same volume or a little more - just enter the amount you want.
  5. Next, create a new disk, for this clickright-click on the area of ​​unallocated space and select "Create a simple volume" or "New Simple Volume" (a volume is a disk). After that, the Simple Volume Creation Wizard starts. In this wizard, select any letter for the new disk.
  6. Next, select the file system on the disk and create a name for the new hard disk partition.
  7. To create a partition, click Finish.

To make sure that a new partition was created, open "My Computer". There you will see all the disks that you have.

If you need to divide the hard disk into parts for another OP, we have prepared the article How to split the disk.

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