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How to create a home network?

A home network is a connectionseveral computers to one network for the purpose of mutual use of information. Basically it includes a modem, a router, network cables, computers and other devices (printers, etc.).


If you want to create a home network in Windows 7, then you need to follow the following steps.

Network technology

Setting up a home network begins with the development of a network diagram. Main types of network:

  • wireless;
  • Ethernet;
  • HomePNA;
  • Powerline.

Determining with network technology, considerthe location of computers and the appropriate network speed. Perhaps, computers have network adapters, there is a complete list of equipment for any network. It is not necessary to use one network, you can combine them.

Also on your choice of network depends whichequipment and in what quantity will be required. To implement a wireless network, you need the following hardware components: adapter and router (access point), for Ethernet adapter, switch, router, UTP or FTP cable and a crossover cable, for HomePNA - adapter, router and telephone cables, for the Powerline - adapter, router and the presence of electrical wiring in the house. To connect to the Internet, you need to configure your ISP account.

Configuring the Router

The next step is to configure the router. If you have the Windows 7 logo or the phrase "Compatible with Windows 7," it will automatically be configured using the latest version of Windows Connect Now (WCN) in Windows 7 or Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 (SP2). Otherwise, insert the supplied disk and run the router configuration package.

It is recommended to connect the router to the Internet in addition. To do this, contact the Internet service provider and get the necessary configuration advice.

Next, to make a home network, you shouldconnect computer equipment and network devices to the network. Follow the recommendations for installing and using the devices. The router provides any connection for the host computer. Log in to the administrator account to connect new workstations to your local network. Open the "Connect to a network" tab by selecting the appropriate network icon in the notification panel. Select the specified wireless network and click Connect. A message appears indicating that you have successfully connected to the network.

Setting up a homegroup

The final stage in creating a home networkis to set up a homegroup or to share data and printers. On all workstations of the home group, the Windows 7 operating system must be installed. The specified function simplifies the exchange of data between clients in the home network.

  1. After synchronizing the system time of the PC with the server machine, start setting up the network for the homegroup.
  2. Then assign IP addresses to all workstations. If the router does not do this, then set it manually by selecting the "Network" sign in the notification panel.
  3. On the page tab, select "Network and Sharing Center", then "Change adapter settings".
  4. Specify the required connection in the window. Use the "Properities" item.
  5. Check the following items: "Client for Microsoft Networks", "File and Printer Access Service for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)".
  6. After selecting "Properties", specify "Use the following IP address" and enter the IP address and subnet mask. For subsequent computers, enter the same mask, and the IP addresses are different.
  7. All workstations on the network must be assigned a single workgroup. From the Start menu, select Computer and go to the Properties submenu.
  8. On the appeared page the name of the working group is indicated, if you want it you can edit it by clicking "Change parameters".
  9. The "System Properties" tab appears, where in the submenu "Computer name" select "Change ..." - so you can specify the name of the user's workstation and workgroup. Click OK.
  10. Through the "Network and Sharing Center", pointing "Public Network", then "Home Network" and clicking "Close", create a choice of network location.
  11. Create a home group or joincreated in the "Network and Sharing Center" by clicking on certain sections "Ready to Create" or "Selecting a Home Group and Sharing Parameters".
  12. On the Home Network page, go to Create a Home Group. Specify the items to which you want to share. Choose "Next".
  13. Remember the password key to the formed home group and click "Done".

You can create a single homegroup on the network. It is created on any workstation, and others join it.

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