Printer manufacturers a huge share of profitsreceive from the sale of components, in particular, cartridges. By refilling cartridges independently, we deprive these firms of the profit they expected. To avoid losses, the companies came up with a number of page counters in the printer that block the work, counting out a certain number of printed formats. In order for the counter to count again and not to interfere with the operation, it is necessary to reset it.

Ways to reset the Canon cartridge

It's easiest to replace the chip in the cartridge, but sometimesit is installed so that it is difficult to get to it. Therefore, it is necessary to reset the counter. To give detailed instructions, you need to know the model of the printer, so let's talk in general terms.

  1. First of all, some printers have the ability to turn off the ink control function. Look carefully at the instructions on the printer, maybe, and you have this button.
  2. You can buy a special programmer for zeroing the chips in the cartridge. For each model - its own programmer, so before buying you need to study your passport and instructions.
  3. You can also use special utilities for zeroing: IPTool and MPTool.
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