Today, people prefer to store photos inin electronic format. We have been collecting pictures for years on the computer, not caring about their safety. And when failures occur, we grab at our heads, scolding modern equipment. And you have to scold yourself! Before you tell us about the causes of photo problems and how to fix them, we advise you: if you do not want to lose your photos, store them on external media, and print the best ones.

Do not open the photo: fix the problem

Why are not photos opened on the computer, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki? The reasons may be different, but this problem is solvable.

If you can not view your photos in browsers

First, we update the browser (Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chromium, Avant Browser, Opera, Internet Explorer). If there are no results, you need to clean the cache or try to enter the network from another browser.

The photo did not load? We check the activity of the antivirus, update it and then work again with the browsers. In a pinch, you need to restore your computer system. Usually this does not happen, after cleaning the cache photos are viewed. If nothing helps, you can contact the site administration or technical support.

If you can not view photos on your computer

If you can not view photos from foldersin the computer, make sure that the necessary programs and drivers are installed in your PC. There is an option that the computer does not support the photo format. If everything is normal, run the antivirus. Why are not photos opened on the computer, if the drivers are OK, the antivirus is normal, and the programs are working? There are times when pictures are not viewed due to the properties of the folder in which they are stored. Right-click the mouse, hover over the problem folder, select "Show hidden files" in the properties. Sometimes it helps.

If photos are lost

If the photos are lost or damaged by differentreasons, too, there is a way out. Experts advise the program Hetman Photo Recovery, it will find the image on the memory card, hard drive, external drive and regenerate even the most incurable. Despite its functionality, it is very easy to use. If you accidentally delete a photo, then Wondershare Photo Recovery will come to your rescue. Install, follow the instructions, save the result.

You can try to use any program to restore deleted data from your computer.

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