Learn about the life of a strong, positive,a dynamic person is always more pleasant than reading a criminal chronicle or yellow gossip. This tones in a kind way and even gives a push to change your own life. We begin to analyze our past and make plans for the future. There is hope and faith in the best. And when we ourselves become more positive, the world around us also changes. Especially for you, we have prepared reviews of the most famous biographical novels of famous people.

Henry Ford: "My life, my achievements"

Henry Ford teaches people in simple wordsEveryday life. On the set of elementary examples, he explains the most complicated production relations. These examples are an invaluable experience of models that are invented, implemented and working.

The simplicity of the analysis of industrial, social, economic and financial relations clearly demonstrates the vital importance of Ford's core ideas.

"Madonna: A Genuine Biography of the Queen of Pop", Lucy O'Brien

Impartial study of the Britishmusic journalist Lucy O'Brien - the most complete biography of the queen of the pop scene. An excerpt from the book: "I became a Madonna fan in 1985. I remember one night when I went into the bedroom of my friend, where she was watching TV." I said with a frown: "What show?" She answered:

- The Madonna show.

- Oh no! - I immediately wanted to get up and leave, which I almost did. Madonna was for me a sugary pop beauty in lycra, who was amusing in the middle of Venetian scenery in the video "Like A Virgin".

"Wait a minute," said the girlfriend. "Actually, she's really nothing." Pretty funny. Something she terribly attracted.

I stayed to look and soon realized what was going onspeech. The woman I thought was a hopeless starlet from Top of the Pops turned out to be completely different. Strictly speaking, her special attraction was first mentioned after the release of the video "Like A Virgin". She was boiling with energy. She appealed directly to the female audience. She was not at all embarrassed by her far from perfect physique. She smiled a lot, winked at the audience, tried to infect with fun. And her music - a combination of clockwork dance rhythms and melodic audacity - excited and attracted. "Lucy O'Brien

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Recall all: my incredibly truthful story"

The history of his life is unique. He was born in a hungry year in a small Austrian town, in a policeman's family, with no prospects for the future. For five years he learned English and won the status of the greatest bodybuilder of the world. For ten years he received a university education and became a millionaire as a businessman and sportsman. For twenty years he entered the number of movie stars of the first magnitude and became related to the Kennedy family. And thirty-six years after his arrival in America, he took over as governor of California.

And in this book the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger will remember all really ...

"Coco Chanel", Henri Guidel

Coco Chanel - one of the brightest stars on thethe horizon of high fashion, shining in the twentieth century. Her vivid personal life, friendship with genius people - Winston Churchill, Sergei Diaghilev, Cocteau, Jean Mare, Igor Stravinsky, passionate passion for his profession - made Henri Gydel's biographical narrative an exciting "high reading".

"Diary of one genius", Salvador Dali

This diary is a monument erected to itself, to perpetuate its own glory. The text differs in its utmost sincerity and peculiar surreal logic.

This is a document of prime importance for an outstanding contemporary artist, written by the pen of a talented writer.

Nick Vuychich: "Life without borders: the path to an incredibly happy life"

Nick Vuychich was born without arms and legs, but he is quiteindependent and lives a full and rich life: he received two higher educations, is engaged in surfing, is fond of fishing, swims and even dives from a springboard into the water.

His book is an inspirational, emotionalstory about how to overcome difficulties, despair, believe in yourself and become happy. Nick frankly talks about his physical problems and experiences, about how difficult it was for him to reconcile himself to his condition. One day he even wanted to commit suicide! It took him many years to learn to see in his problems is not an obstacle, but an opportunity for growth, set great goals and always achieve the desired.

Without hands and feet, he learned to rise in every sense of the word. In his book, Nick formulated the rules of life that helped him, and now he shares them with readers.

"Steve Jobs," Walter Isaacson

This biography was based on interviews with theSteve Jobs, as well as with his relatives, friends, enemies, rivals and colleagues. Jobs did not control the author in any way. He frankly answered all questions and expected the same honesty from the others.

This is a story about a life full of falls and ups, a strong man and a talented businessman who was among the first to realize that in order to succeed in the 21st century, one must combine creativity and technology.

Jonathan Kott: "Next to John and Yoko"

Journalist, permanent author and editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Jonathan Kott met John Lennon in 1968 and was friends with him until his death, and with Yoko Ono, he maintains relations until now.

Kott's book is very personal, almost intimatethe story of a long friendship with one of the main musicians of the second half of the twentieth century. Kott publishes records of his conversations with John, including the last interview of Lennon, which he gave the author three days before his tragic death, before this interview was not published in full.

Luca Cayoli: "Messi: An Exclusive Biography"

Sports journalist Luca Cayoli wrotecandid biography of Argentine football player Lionel Messi. Striving to understand how an ordinary boy, also burdened with a physical defect, becomes a world legend.

The author collected information whereverperhaps. He listens to the confidential stories of his family and friends Messi, his coaches, doctors, former players, sports journalists and TV commentators. And learns a lot of interesting details from the life of the boy, who did not stop at anything for the sake of his dream and, eventually, became one of the greatest football players in the world.

Faina Ranevskaya: "Old age is ignorance of God"

In her memoirs, the legendary actresstells about the fact that everyone who really loved her, did not like her, and those who managed to love her, did not like her at all. Faina Ranevskaya tells about unbearable loneliness, which fate presented her as a great test.

Plus, she blames exactly for her talent inher fate, which, she says, made her unhappy. She indignantly speaks about her appearance, which, as it were, spoiled her personal life. This book shows how a person who lived to 80 years old, simply no one needs, and memories together with loneliness do not leave the consciousness of a great woman.

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