A good book can make us forget about sleep, take to unimaginable worlds and give the most vivid impressions.

Daniel Kies - "Flowers for Algernon"

A deep and touching story about Charlie whoalways dreamed of being smart. He decided on an experiment to improve the intelligence, which previously involved the mouse Algernon. After the operation, the main character's thinking changes dramatically and the world seems completely different to him.

Jane Eyre - "Charlotte Bronte"

One of the most famous British novels,which is read in one breath. Jane Eyre has a difficult fate, but this fragile girl, thanks to her strong character and spiritual purity, was able to find her happiness. Not one generation of readers continues to be inspired by its history.

Ray Bradbury - "451 ° Fahrenheit"

Philosophical dystopia, which is becomingmore relevant. In the book, Bradbury describes the future in which all books are destroyed by a special detachment of firefighters. Guy Montag is confident that this is correct, but getting acquainted with the 17-year-old Clarissa changes everything.

Angela Nanetti - "My grandfather was a cherry"

A children's book that must beRead all adults. This is the memory of the boy about his family and especially about the unusual grandfather Ottaviano, who taught that, despite all the tragedies, our life is a miracle.

Ken Kesey - "Above the Cuckoo's Nest"

The novel takes place in a psychiatric hospital. The author makes you think about the line between insanity and sanity. After all, in the book, patients often seem more reasonable than orderlies.

Fanny Flagg - "Fried green tomatoes in the cafe" Polustanoq ""

It seems that nostalgia can be considered a separatethe hero of this book. 86-year-old Ninny lives in a nursing home and begins to share his memories with Evelyn. In the life of Ninny there were ups and downs, but she remained a very bright and kind person.

Markus Zusak - "The Book Thief"

The story of the life of ordinary people during the war,which tells itself Death. In the center of the plot is the girl Lizel, whose fate left many misfortunes. She starts stealing books, which become her real salvation in this cruel world.

Truman Capote - "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Holly Golightly, the main character of the story, combines childish naivete and incredible charm. It's no wonder that this beauty continues to fascinate readers to this day

Audrey Niffenegger - "The Time Traveler's Wife"

Beautiful love story of a man with a genetica disease - a movement syndrome in time - and a woman who is ready to wait for him forever. For the first time, 36-year-old Henry meets Claire when she turns 6 years old. They marry when he turns 31, and she is 23.

Stephen Chbosky - "It's good to be quiet"

A novel about growing up, which critics call "Abovean abyss in the rye "of our time. The teenager Charlie tries to find herself and shares her experiences in letters to someone she has never seen. This is a simple and sincere story that will prove to be close to many.

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