If you like puzzles, you mustlike to participate in the game together with the authors of these books. Only carefully: your imagination can play out so much that you just change with the writer roles. And now it is you who will write these intricate and fascinating stories. A selection of mystery books that will lead to a world of the most unpredictable illusions.

Milorad Pavic - "Khazar Dictionary"

This "novel-lexicon" is one of the mostunusual works of literature of our time. The novel has no beginning, no end, and the plot goes beyond the linear narrative. The book resembles an electronic hypertext, and the reader himself chooses the sequence of the plot. Milorad Pavic suggests that you become the author of your own book, and it depends on you how this "Khazar Dictionary" will work out.

John Fowles - "The Mistress of a French Lieutenant"

This intellectual and psychologically nudethe love story became a real shock in the literature. Fowles believes that the author does not know the thoughts of the heroes, they live their own lives and may not obey their creator. The writer decides to play with us in the game. Not knowing how this love story ends, he offers us 3 finals to choose from.

Franz Kafka - "The Castle"

This work of the great Kafka tells ofland surveyor K., whose name you come up with yourself. Then comes the mysterious Castle that hired him to work. But what is Castle? The governing body? A secret room, concealing a secret? And again you decide. By the way, the final of the story will also have to come up to you - Kafka left his book without an ending, which adds to it even more mystery.

Marina and Sergey Dyachenko - "Wing"

In this touching story, the disabled boy Yegorevery day from the balcony in love watching the girl Aley from a nearby house and decides to send her a plane with a note. The boy every day makes hundreds of airplanes, so that one of them flew to Ali. And then comes an exciting day, Yegor lets go of the airplane and ... Next, the authors suggest you choose one of the proposed endings. Will the heroes be together? Choose you.

Umberto Eco - "The Name of the Rose"

This novel is the most successful experimentphilosopher Umberto Eco. The success of the book lies in an endless game with the reader, which begins already with the title of the book. Why the rose, if in the novel about any rose speech does not go? Further, the author suggests the reader himself to unravel the mystery of the series of murders in the monastery. What is it - detective or mysticism? Or something more, more confusing and mysterious? You decide.

Julio Cortázar - "Playing the classics"

"Playing the classics" is a real labyrinth book,which must be followed by following a special map. Do not even try to read this novel consistently - here the whole essence lies in the mysterious key to the plot, the game in which Cortazar invites you to play. After reading this book, you will understand that simple child's play can forever change the world view.

Virginia Woolf - "Mrs. Dalloway"

Roman tells all about one thing, but verySaturated day in London. Written in the genre of the stream of consciousness, he forces the reader to become the main character of Clarissa and to look at what is happening with her eyes. Immersed in reading, you will understand that the whole world around is what's going on in your mind. These are your thoughts, your fantasies, and Clarissa is every reader and author at the same time.

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