What is loneliness? For someone - a heavy cross, for someone - time for rest and reflection, for someone - a harsh necessity. However, most still tend to regard loneliness as something negative. So it or not, help to sort out a selection of films about loneliness, making you think about the importance and sense of loneliness.

The Outcast (Cast Away 2000)

The hero of this painting, Chuck Nolan, is an employeethe world famous delivery service "Federal Express". Chuck is a scrupulous practitioner and an incorrigible pedant. The life of Nolan, a high-ranking inspector of the international branches of the FedEx, is written in minutes. And these precious minutes are sorely lacking either in private life or in their beloved woman ... However, the ruthless fate made Nolan look at the time that he had left ... The airplane on which Chuck travels falls into the ocean.

I am a legend (I Am Legend 2007)

In the near future, scientists have found a cure forcancer, but miscalculated: after the tests 99% of the population turned into a contagious ghouls mutant. Dr. Robert Neville entered the remaining percentage of healthy people. In the daytime in the company of the faithful Samantha he walks through the empty New York, picturesquely overgrown with weeds, hunts the antelope and puts traps on the infected, and at night, barricading himself in the mansion, tries to develop a vaccine and sends the message to the survivors as possible. So far, to no avail ...

Gran Torino (Gran Torino 2008)

Retired auto mechanic Walt Kowalskispends his days fixing something around the house, drinking beer and once a month going to the hairdresser. And although the last desire of his recently deceased wife was the commission of his confession, Walt - a hardened veteran of the Korean War, always holding his rifle at the ready, - there is nothing to admit in general. And there is no one whom he would trust to the fullest extent in which he trusts his dog Daisy. All those people, whom he used to call his neighbors.

Lost in Translation 2003

Tokyo, night, fashionable bar of an expensive hotel ... Here, fleeing from insomnia, there are two Americans: the television actor Bob Harris and the pretty young woman Charlotte. Having met, they embark on a trip to the Japanese capital. During his long walk Bob and Charlotte get into funny stories and unexpected vicissitudes, getting to know the locals. The life of the eastern world opens to Americans bright and unfamiliar faces.

In the wild (Into the Wild 2007)

The film tells the real story of ChristopherMcCandless, a young man from a very wealthy family, who, rejecting the material values ​​of modern society, listed all his money for charity, and he became a tramp. For two years under the name of Alexander Superbreed, he traveled to the USA and Mexico, moonlighted on occasional work, met various people who had changed his life, until he finally found himself in Alaska.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

Finally, a machine is invented that allowsget rid of any memories. Joel and Clementine decide to throw each other out of their heads. But in Joel's memory the most tender moments of their feelings are still alive. The less he remembers, the more he loves. Realizing that he simply adores Clementina, Joel tries to find a way to bring back her favorite memory of the past. It's still not too late ... He must defeat the hated computer brain by all means!

The Old Man and the Sea (1958)

Spencer Tracy played Santiago, Cubanfisherman, a man of persistent physical labor, who earns his living in the daily struggle with the elements. Everyone thinks of him as a fool, only Manolo, a neighbor's boy who brings coffee every morning, respects him. They are both stubborn romantics. Most of the time, Tracy on the screen alone is fighting a giant fish, which, if taken to shore, will be the biggest prey in his life. This struggle and its outcome constitute a plot full of irony, sadness and pride.

Spider (Spider 2002)

Having spent 20 years in a house for the insane, a strange andthe unsociable Dennis Cleg is returning to the dark corners of the East End where his childhood passed. Like a spider, he picks on the web of memories that entangled his sick mind, re-experiencing the pain and fear that became his only friends in his home, more like hell. Do you dare to open the rusty doors of his consciousness to see pictures of the life of a lonely Spider in the dark?

Taxi Driver (Taxi Driver 1976)

The dull light of the blind lanterns, the skeletons of the factorypipes choking in their own smoke. Babel towers of skyscrapers, all this is the hell of New Time, New York. Vietnam War veteran Travis Bickle drives his lonely taxi through the night streets of an endless city, and before him unfolds a gloomy panorama of human sins. As an Old Testament prophet, he hopes that one day heaven will send a saving rain to the earth, which will purify New York of age-old filth.

Photo for an hour (One Hour Photo 2002)

Seymour Parrish is a quiet hermit working in thephoto lab. He achieved mastery in his work, making photos of the best quality, but in his private life, Parrish is dull and hopeless, like a black and white picture. Family Yorkin already from year to year uses the services of Seymour, satisfied with the quality of his work. And Parrish is seriously involved in the illusion of that aura of happiness that hangs around a happy family. Soon, his passion grows into a mania.

Parisian history (Dans Paris 2006)

Paul after a hard break with his girlfriendMoves to his father's house, where he locks himself in the room of Jonathan's younger brother and becomes depressed. All relatives are trying to get him out of this state, which, unfortunately, does not work for anybody. Even the mother, who specially came to console her eldest, drops her hands. Finally, after talking with one girl, Paul understands that everything he has is his relatives who are always ready to help him.

Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands 1990)

Famous fantastic melodrama from the directorTim Burton. A lone old scientist created a human being. But he did not have time to finish it and died. He created a young man is not enough hands - instead of them he has something like a scissors - and he is forced to live in an abandoned house in complete solitude. But one day he meets a beautiful girl who was able to appreciate his good heart ...

The Science of Sleep (La science des rêves 2006)

Stefan is a self-contained and shy young man,Seeing incredibly inventive, bizarre and disturbing dreams, now and then threatening to break into real life. At the request of his mother, Stefan returns to France - in the house where he spent his childhood. The mother promises him a new, interesting job: it would seem that life is finally beginning to smile at him. But the joy of Stefan fades when he discovers that in fact his work is a monotonous and boring routine.

Up (Up 2009)

78-year-old grumbler Karl Fredriksen believes thatlife bypasses its side. To keep the promise given to his deceased wife, he decides to fulfill his dream of a great adventure, tying thousands of balloons to his house and flying off into the wilds of South America. Not flying and half a mile, the traveler discovers that he inadvertently took with him an extremely talkative and incorrigibly cheerful 8-year-old boy named Russell ...

About Schmidt (About Schmidt 2002)

The history of Warren Schmidt, who works in the insurancecompany. After retiring, he begins to rethink his life, trying to understand whether he could achieve all his dreams in career, marriage and family life. Warren's daughter hardly communicates with him, lives in Denver and is going to marry a man he does not approve. What to do? Schmidt goes on a trip across the country to stop this wedding, and at the same time find the meaning of his own life.

The sea inside (Mar adentro 2004)

The real story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro,who, after being completely paralyzed for about thirty years, struggled for 2 years for the right to voluntary withdrawal from life. The film tells about his relationship with two women: Julia, his lawyer, and girlfriend Rosa, who tries to convince Ramon that life is worth living. The power of Ramon's love inspires women to do things that seemed impossible to them. Ramon, despite the desire for death, reveals to his friends and relatives the value and meaning of life.

Broken Flowers (Broken Flowers 2005)

Morning for Don Johnston's elderly Don Johnstonbegins with the fact that it leaves his next girlfriend Sherry, losing faith in the fact that this person can create a family. Left alone, scanning the mail, Don discovers a pink envelope. In the letter, an unknown person reports that twenty years ago, after parting with Don, she found herself pregnant. Without appealing for help to the Don, she raised a son who is already 19 years old. And the boy to whom my mother did not say who his father is ...

Leaving Las Vegas (Leaving Las Vegas 1995)

If the whole life seems like a nightmare. If a protracted drinking has finally ruined his career in a serious firm. Maybe it makes sense to destroy everything that connected you to a past life and start a new one? In a brilliant and sinful Las Vegas. Where, among the shine of nightlife, a lonely "night butterfly" can be more attentive and heartier than any psychoanalyst. Because she wants to save the unfortunate drunkard from himself ... Can this strange love help both? Or - to destroy both?

The Dirt (Filth 2013)

Bruce Robertson is a young man, literallycrazy about sex and drugs, who works as a policeman. However, he chose this profession not to protect the calm of citizens and fight crime. The main criterion for him was that it is the police who can exert pressure on any person. Of course, this guy became a corrupt cop, exceeding his official powers. But one day he is charged with investigating the murder.

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