This movie offers an exceptional look athistory, present and future of mankind, material for reflection, expanding consciousness and horizons. Documentary films from this collection contain facts, new ideas and concepts, which are not yet adequately covered by science. But the special theory of relativity of Einstein, published in 1905, was not fully accepted in the physical community until 1920. Therefore, we propose not to reject new ideas, since without them there can be no progress.

Age of Personality (Age of Egoism) / The Century of the Self

The documentary film "Age of Egoism" consists offour parts that describe how large corporations and politicians used the ideas of Freud and post-Freudian trends about human nature to manipulate society and social values ​​in the 20th century. Particular attention was paid to the influence of Edward Bernays, the "father of social relations" and nephew of Freud, on American culture, business and politics. This is a well-designed documentary with an interesting narrative.

Cosmos: A personal journey with Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

This cult cinema is often called "the greatesteducational series of all times, "which has not lost its relevance even after 30 years. Karl Sagan is an astronomer and biologist, a famous popularizer of science, possessed an amazing ability to speak about complex concepts in plain language and without sacrificing content. The film tells how about the device of the universe, and the history of life and history of mankind. A separate line of the film is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Carl Sagan is one of the founders of the SETI extraterrestrial intelligence search program. If you are at least a bit interested in how the universe works, go to a 13-episode journey into space with this documentary series.

Love, Reality and Transition / Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition

It's not about what you thought. This documentary brings us closer to reflections on the "new era", on the topic "All you need is love," calls into question the universality of the word "love" and the rejection of negative reality. What is this feeling and do we understand it correctly?

2012: Time for Change / 2012: Time for Change

The title of this documentarybut in fact the film, directed by Daniel Pinchbeck, covers topics such as stability, intelligence and expansion of consciousness, permaculture, energy, spirituality, tribal rituals, psychedelic experiences, economics, social relations and much more. The picture explores the ever-growing problems that we face and offer unexpectedly thought-out solutions that are already available for implementation through the use of modern technologies.

Corporation / The Corporation

In the film, the corporation is viewed as a personwith signs of psychopathy. Most of the daily consumed goods, services, information and entertainment comes from huge transnational corporations. But what if this structure that dominates our existence is crazy? The film convincingly narrates about the evil, to which large organizations go in the name of profit. Reasonings are backed up by documentary facts and interviews, which took from the heads of corporations.

Baraka / Baraka

"Baraka" is a powerful visual masterpiece thattake you on a tour of the globe. The film uses non-verbal means of narration, so it does not need a translation. Just watch the magnificent images, listen to the sounds of nature and ethnic music. This is a documentary about our planet and the diversity of life on it.

Anima / Anima (2011)

A joint documentary project of severaldirectors, containing stories with ideas from world-famous philosophers. Themes include creativity, strength of personality and collective power to manifest one's own reality. Although the visual quality of the creation is not stunning, the content gives incredible food for thought.

Point Zero: Part 2 - The structure of infinity / Zero Point: Volume II - The Structure of Infinity

The "Structure of Infinity" focuses onoccupies the fractal nature of the universe. Through the study of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry, "part two" takes viewers on a journey through the fractal universe, culminating in a shift of attention to the nature of reality itself. We recommend that you look at the first volume if you are not familiar with other works of the British writer and journalist Graham Hancock.

Home / Home

Over the past 200,000 years, people haveplanet Earth, which was established for almost four billion years of evolution. Scientists say that we have 10 years left to reverse this trend, change the structure of consumption and lifestyle, prevent depletion of natural resources and catastrophic climate change. The movie "House" is the director's debut of the artist-activist Jan Arthus-Bertrand, who shot stunning air shots from more than fifty countries.

DMT: Spirit molecule / DMT: The Spirit Molecule

In the "DMT: molecule of the Spirit ", the possibilities and role of the DMT molecule (presumably synthesized by the mysterious pineal gland) for humans are considered. Doctors, physicists, artists and spiritual seekers jointly investigate and quantify the consequences of the use of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), potentially the most potent psychotropic substance in the world.

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