YouTube channel CineFix has made rating of ten most beautiful films in history. The selection criteria were the operator's work, composition of frames and color correction of the picture.

Each mentioned in the rating tape hassymbolic meaning. For example, the ninth-ranked Manhattan by Woody Allen displays a whole trend in modern Hollywood movies to shoot in b / w. And the picture "Hero" points to the merits not only of his director Zhang Yimou, but also of the whole Far Eastern cinematography.

The list of the ten most beautiful entered:

10. "Russian Ark" (2002), directed by Alexander Sokurov

9. Manhattan (1979), Woody Allen

8. "Citizen Kane" (1941), Orson Wells

7. "2001: The Space Odyssey" (1968), Stanley Kubrick

6. "Conformist" (1970), Bernardo Bertolucci

5. "Outland" (2006), Tarsem Dhandwar Singh

4. "Hero" (2002), Zhang Yimou

3. "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), David Lin

2. "The Tree of Life" (2011), Terrence Malik

1. Samsara (2011), Ron Fricke

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