There are films made without the crowds of celebrities andmassages, but they make the most impression on the viewer, because nothing distracts attention from the main thing - from the game of key characters that occupy almost the entire screen space.

In this collection the best films with two actors, where the main part of the plot is occupied by brilliant dialogues between the two characters.

Playing on the flight / Sleuth (1972)

If you take the two greatest actors of your generation and twist around them an exciting adventure story, then it's almost impossible to make a bad film.

A middle-aged writer aristocrat Andrew Wyke (LawrenceOlivier) invites in his luxurious mansion the lover of his wife, Milo Tyndle (Michael Kane). Knowing about the adventures of his wife, he decided to make a surprise proposal.

"Game on the flight" - a real masterpiecegentlemen's cinema. In some places it's funny, sometimes scary and extraordinarily exciting. 35 years later, a remake of the film ("The Sleuth") was released, where Andrew C Wyke was made this time by Michael Kane, and Milo Tindla played Jude Law.

"Conversations with Other Women" (2005)

When a couple breaks off a relationship, both can only guess what would have happened if they had stayed together. In the comedy drama "Perverse Relationships" director Hans Canosa is just exploring this topic.

Characters of Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Cartermeet after ten years of separation at the wedding of the sister of the protagonist. The witty dialogues reveal their long history and the couple decides to spend the night together. Maybe this is their second chance? Or in the light of a new day, the hope will be replaced by a sad irony?

Venus in furs / La Vénus à la fourrure (2013)

A chamber film based on the play of the same name by the modern American playwright David Ives, which in turn is based on the famous Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel Venus in the Fur of 1870.

What starts out as an audition for a rolethe main character of Wanda, turns into the study of gender relations. No eroticism, no bed-scenes, no naked bodies, no kisses, and even no embrace. Everything is built on tremendous dialogues, so full of desire and sensuality that simply captures the spirit. The roles in the film were performed by Mathieu Amalric and the wife of the filmmaker Emmanuel Seigne.

Jerry / Gerry (2002)

This is Gus Van Sant's first film in the trilogy aboutloneliness "Jerry" / "Elephant" / "The Last Days". The film tells of two friends (Matt Damon and Casey Affleck), who go on a campaign in the desert and soon realize that they are lost. Suffered by hunger and thirst, they wander through the natural prison in search of civilization, and we can only watch how the heroes behave, who have no water, no food, no hope.

Lollipop / Hard Candy (2005)

Director David Slade withdrew psychologicalthriller, which does not release from the first minute and until the last frame. 14-year-old Hayley ties up an Internet correspondence with an adult photographer (Patrick Wilson), suspecting him of pedophilia, and negotiates with him about the meeting. After chatting in a cafe, they come to his house to listen to music. And now the helpless photographer is already losing consciousness, and the next moment finds himself bound in a chair, again loses consciousness ... and now he lies on the table and Haley is going to castrate him.

Evening Express «Sunset Limited» / The Sunset Limited (2010)

Is it worth living if there is nothing good? Samuel L. Jackson as a former prisoner rescues Tommy Lee Jones in the role of a desperate professor who decided to end his life.

Then follows the fascinating philosophical discussionabout the nature and meaning of life, which becomes an excellent field for the manifestation of the talent of both actors. The film is based on a play by the famous writer Cormac McCarthy.

Antichrist / Antichrist (2009)

"Antichrist" - the most scandalous film of the mastershocking Lars von Trier. In the lead roles - the brilliant Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Defoe. In the center of the plot is an unhappy couple who desperately tries to recover from the tragic death of her child.

This death traumatizes the psyche of a woman, and herthe husband-psychotherapist decides to take her to the country house, where they rested the previous summer, hoping that unity with nature and temporary isolation will help her to come to her senses. However, everything turns completely different.

Misery / Misery (1990)

The film of Rob Reiner is based on the novel of the same nameStephen King. It tells about a writer named Paul Sheldon, who falls into a blizzard and his car blows off the road. To the rescue comes Annie Wilks, a former nurse and an avid fan of Sheldon's book series. At first she enjoys the opportunity to read Sheldon's new novel before everyone else, but when she finds out that her favorite heroine is dying, Annie is furious and wants to rewrite history. She keeps Paul with broken legs in her house in the mountains, and no one knows where the writer went missing.

The strength of the film is, of course, the outstanding game of Kathy Bates. The actress received for this role "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

My dinner with Andre / My Dinner with Andre (1981, Louis Mal)

Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn wrote togetherthe script for this film and performed in it the main roles. The plot is simply nowhere: two men are having supper in a posh restaurant and discussing life. That's all. But their meaningful conversations are worthy of attention to the film.

Before the Dawn / Before Sunrise (1995)

In our list, you can make and continue thishistory - "Before the sunset," - filmed by Richard Linklater in 2004. But remember how it all began. In the movie Before Dawn, Ethan Hawke plays the role of a young American traveling in Europe. On the train he meets a charming Frenchwoman, played by Julie Delpi, and they decide to spend the day together, more and more recognizing each other and realizing that they have only one night ahead. The film does not come off due to the chemistry that occurs between the two heroes and their sincere conversations.

Gravity (2013)

Space was the main theme of many stunningfilms and one of them - "Gravitation". Sandra Bullock and George Clooney appeared in the role of astronauts who survived the disaster in outer space, but found themselves in a completely hopeless situation.

The film directed by Alfonso Cuaron received 7 prizes"Oscar". The British Film Academy marked it with a record eleven nominations and six statuettes, among which is the "Best British Film of the Year".

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