It is unlikely that someone will have time toto review all the series that the world film industry is releasing. But some of them are really worth it to spend a few hours on them. Well, days.

The Mick, 2017 - ...

Cast: Kaitlin Olson, Sophia Black-D'Elia

Miki Murphy, whose way of life, to put it mildly, can notcall quiet and modest, moves to a small prosperous town. Her sister and her husband were forced to run because of the FBI persecution, so Miki has to take care of their spoiled children. The first discovery that she has to make is that other people's children can be a real punishment

Rating IMDb - 7,7

Taboo (Taboo, 2017 - ...)

Starring Tom Hardy, Bill Leo

The beginning of the XIX century. After 10 years spent in Africa, James Delaney returns to London. He has 14 stolen diamonds, a small piece of land near the sea and the desire to establish trade with China, becoming a monopolist. The semi-mystical atmosphere of the capital of the Misty Albion 200 years ago and the undoubted, albeit "negative" charm of the protagonist make this series one of the best in recent years.

Rating IMDb - 9.1

The Young Pope (The Young Pope, 2016 - ...)

Cast: Jude Law, Diane Keaton

The 47-year-old Cardinal Lenny Bernardo as a result ofintrigue becomes the new Pope and takes the name of Pius XIII. The cardinals who led him to power expect that they will be able to manage their protege. But an unpleasant surprise awaits them: already in the first hours after enthronement, it becomes clear that this fan of billiards, cherry cola and cigarettes is not going to dance to someone's pipe.

Rating IMDb - 8,5

Sneaky Pete (2015 - ...)

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Brian Cranston, Marin Ireland

A fraudster named Marius comes out of prison anddecides to start a new life, appropriating the name of cellmate Pete Murphy, who has not seen any of his family members for 20 years. Taking advantage of this, Marius enters the family of Pete and begins to engage in family business. However, one of the small bosses of the local mafia has plans for Marius, and they do not coincide with the plans of the newly-born Pete Murphy.

Rating IMDb - 8,5

Legion (The Legion, 2017 - ...)

Starring: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller

The series is based on the comic character of the same name"Marvel" and is a spin-off to the "X-Men". In adolescence, David Heller was diagnosed with multiple personality disorders. Each of the persons living in it possesses some extraordinary abilities, for example, telepathy or telekinesis. Because of his illness, David can not understand what is happening in reality, and what is exclusively in his fantasies.

Rating IMDb - 9.0

Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes (Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2017 - ...)

Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weismann

Parents of Violet, Klaus and Solnyshka perish inthe time of a mysterious fire, and custody of orphans goes to the evil and cruel master of the theater, Count Olaf, who forces the children to serve him. One day, sisters and brothers understand that the count wants to marry Violet to take their property.

Rating IMDb - 8,1

We live for today (One Day at a Time, 2017 - ...)

Cast: Rita Morena, Justina Machado

Remake of the same name series in 1975,telling about the life of three generations of the Cuban-American family forced to live under one roof: Penelope, a veteran veteran who remained after the divorce with two troubled teenage children, and her mother Lydia, who, like all grandmothers, considers her duty to contribute her own education of grandchildren. Well, daughters, of course.

Rating IMDb - 8,1

Riverdale (2017 - ...)

Cast: Kay Jay Apa, Lily Reinhart

The plot of the series "Riverdale" is based on comics"Archie" and is a cross between the most drawn story and "Twin Peaks." In the center of events is a group of teenagers living in the small town of Riverdale. At first glance, the series may seem like another teenage drama, if not for one thing: curious teenagers decide to find out what secrets are stored by their sleepy and quiet town.

Rating IMDb - 7,9

Diet from Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita Diet, 2017 - ...)

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Oliphant

In the small American town of Santa Claritalive the most ordinary couple Sheila and Joel, bringing up two children. But everything changes in one day, when Sheila dies. Or does not die. In a word, she does everything the same as before, only her heart does not beat. In addition, she suddenly becomes imbued with love for raw meat.

Rating IMDb - 8.0

Victoria (Victoria, 2016 - ...)

Cast: Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes

Queen Victoria - perhaps the most famousThe ruler of England - headed the British throne for 63 years. The time of her reign, known as the "Victorian era", was the period of greatest power and prosperity of the British Empire. Meanwhile, at the time of her ascent to the throne, the country was in decline, and the royal family had no real power.

Rating IMDb - 8,3

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