There are films that do not collect full halls and lie not in every home collection, but nevertheless deserve special attention.

Something's wrong with Kevin / We Need To Talk About Kevin

A dark but beautiful psychological story aboutthe relationship between mother and son. Putting aside all personal and professional ambitions, Eve dedicates her life to the birth and education of her son. However, their relationship is extremely difficult from the very beginning. At 15, Kevin does an irreparable, and Eve is tormented by the question: is it her fault?

Side Effect / Side Effects

A complete mystery and strangeness story, likeantidepressants in addition to joy bring grief. After all, interference in the brain does not remain without consequences. Too Hollywood picture, but a beautiful cast, so must see!

Marta, Marcy May, Marlene / Martha Marcy May Marlene

A very subtle and profound picture thatraises many questions and makes the viewer all the time wondering what it is - the split personality of the heroine or her memories, reality or illusion. The film debut of Elizabeth Olsen, the youngest of the twin sisters Olsen. Her confident actor's work for many will become a real surprise.

She / Her

One of the most original films of recent years,from which fans and critics, and the audience. The protagonist of the picture falls in love with ... the operating system. Does it sound absurd? But this movie is about the most real relationship, even though "she" does not have a body.

Fang / Kynodontas

Ambiguous and interesting movie. "Fang" is an anti-totalitarian film, deriding in grotesque form patriarchal family values ​​and the ideal of bourgeois society "my house is my fortress". In a harsh manner, the closed world of the family is shown, in which parental care and power over children are brought to the point of absurdity.

Cleveland Captives / Cleveland Abduction

The film is based on real events. For 11 years of being imprisoned by a maniac, the girl manages not only not to go insane, but also to find a semblance of a family with her friends in misfortune. The picture, of course, is terrible, but profoundly psychological and worth the mental forces that will be spent on viewing.

Vicious games

Directed by Park Chan Uk is cool, calmand beautifully describe the madness. This thriller keeps in suspense until the very last second and only after the credits leaves more food for thought about the nature of man: how much is genetically inherent in us and how much is acquired?

Womb / Womb

A woman clones her deceased lover andeducates him from infancy to youth, constantly feeling doubts about whether she made the right decision. The atmosphere of despair is supplemented by a gray, godforsaken English town and a sense of melancholy and despair that drives the characters and spectators insane.

Goodbye, Solo / Goodbye Solo

A movie about how a taxi driver with a big hearttries to return to the passenger lost joy, hope and faith. And about what is humanity. In general, the most important from not the most famous director and not involved in other actors roles.

The Black Balloon

"Black Ball" won in 2008 in the Berlinfilm festival in the nomination "Best Film for Young People". And this is probably the best characteristic for this brilliant life story, in which love, family duty and the attitude of society to people with developmental dislocations intertwined.

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