Nowadays, to learn a story, it is not necessary.pore over textbooks, dig into the encyclopedia or google "who is" and "when it was" - just look at the historical film. Benefit in almost all key events in world history Hollywood has already shot a blockbuster. That's just a lot of directors for the sake of artistic fiction sometimes too embellish events.

XII century

"Kingdom of heaven"

Good film of Ridley Scott's hand: great scale shooting, an impressive cast of actors and the most real costumes. It is possible to carp, of course, that someone does not have armor from that era, but this is a tolerable defect.

At the heart of the film's script are loosely laid out events that preceded the Third Crusade of 1189-1192: the war between the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Ayyubids and the siege of Jerusalem by Saladin.

14th century

"Day of Reckoning"

England, 1380 year. Richard II only ascended the throne, the Hundred Years War in full swing, as, indeed, the plague. A group of stray actors arrives in the city in which the monstrous murder of a little boy occurred. Instead of playing the show on biblical themes, the actors give a performance in which they reveal the identity of the murderer.

Gloomy and fascinating England, perfectly passed the spirit of the Middle Ages, as always convincing Willem Dafoe and the young Tom Hardy.

15th century

"Joan of Arc"

XV century, France, Hundred Years War. Realistic and frightening atmosphere of the battle scenes, stunning depth of visual images, endlessly repeated prayers, the sound of swords, the sea of ​​blood and the fragile and stubborn Orleans maiden performed by Milla Jovovich.

France is going through a difficult period, it is oppressed andleft without a ruler. In this dark time, on the threshold of the Dauphin Karl appears a young devout peasant woman, who intends to break the English and change for the better life in her country.

"The Pig Hour"

According to medieval views, animalscould be held accountable for their actions, from the XIII century - even legal. The plot is based on real events related to the life and work of Bartholomew Chasseny, a lawyer who at one time served as an advocate of animals accused of crimes.

The protagonist, young lawyer Richard Courtois,leaves Paris for provincial Aberville in search of "simple rural pleasures," but faces ignorance, prejudice and superstition. In a matter of days, he is involved in a criminal drama with murders.

XVI century

"Henry VIII"

A film for all those who want to understand thatoccurred with England in the first half of the 16th century. Excellent visual effects, reliable plot, harsh Ray Winston and charming Helena Bonham Carter.

Biographical drama about the life path, views, hopes and dreams of Henry VIII, ruler, forever changed the face of England.

"Another of the Boleyn family"

The drama of debutant Justin Chadwick about the rivalry of the sisters Anna (Natalie Portman) and Maria Boleyn (Scarlett Johansson) for the heart of King Henry VIII.

This movie definitely will appeal to lovers of romantic stories and beautiful actresses. Surprisingly, despite the dramatic plot and stellar composition, the film did not make too much mistake against the story.

XVIII century

Barry Lyndon

Oscar-winning film by Stanley Kubrick, which is filmed withusing authentic decorations, costumes and only with natural daylight. The tremendous transformation of a boring Victorian novel into a thrilling film parable on "life as a duel."

A young Irishman cherishing ambitious soulsplans, ready for much, just to get out into people. At all costs, he seeks to become a nobleman, and a strong Irish grip and natural cunning help him to leave the ranks of the middle peasants.

Marie Antoinette

Sweet pastel drama about everyday life and customsthe royal court. The most striking, shocking and at the same time fairly reliable film about Marie Antoinette. And Kirsten Dunst miracle as good in ruches and half-meter colored wigs.

14-year-old Maria - the youngest daughter of the EmpressAustria Maria Theresa marries the Dauphin of France, Louis XVI. On the border between France and Austria, a symbolic ceremony takes place. By tradition, the bride leaves everything that would remind her of a foreign court. Leaving the tent on the French side, Maria Antonia becomes the Dauphin Marie Antoinette ...

XIX century


Unusual view of the US Civil War: the film is dedicated to the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment, wholly composed of blacks fighting on the side of the North.

The film is based on the letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, and many historians emphasize that the battles were screened quite authentically.

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