There are films that grab you by the throat,penetrate into your head, spend there one and a half to two hours, and when they let go, it turns out that there, something inside, something has changed. You need to be silent, think through what you see and let new thoughts into your life.

Malena / Malèna, 2000

A piercing story about what it's like to be a beautiful woman among envious and lascivious people. Italy of the Second World War, the magnificent Monica Bellucci and the music of Ennio Morricone.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale, 2008

In a person who does not suffer from sociopathy, tearsbegin to be screwed up on the eyes already only at the mention of the name of the dog that awaits the deceased master, repeating the same ritual day after day. The American tape is a remake of the Japanese film, filmed in 1987 - "The History of Hachiko".

The Mist / The Mist, 2007

Director Frank Darrabont likes to make films onworks of Stephen King. The most famous is "Escape from Shawshank." "Mist" continues this tradition and deafens the audience with its finale. And everything begins simply with the fog, which covers a small town - from the fog rod of a monster. And, of course, it's not just a horror movie - to parrot, to drive adrenaline in the blood. This is a story about people who are experiencing a nightmare, and their actions.

Cherbourg umbrellas / Les parapluies de Cherbourg

Have you noticed that not a single great film can do without brilliant music? The songs from this film have long become classics, and the story of unhappy love is still fresh.

Tomb of the Fireflies / Hotaru no haka, 1988

Around the war, the Japanese land is shaking from bombing,and two children who were left without parents are trying to survive, hiding in an abandoned shelter. The 14-year-old boy has to become an adult to save himself and his little sister.

Awakenings, 1990

Based on the real practice of Dr. OliverSaksa film is a story of the victims of a rare disease that was carried out for several years in an immobilized state, and at some point "woke up" thanks to treatment. Together with them, who discovered for themselves the simple joys of life, the doctor looks at the world with new eyes.

I, Earl and the dying girl / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, 2015

You have to be a very strong person toto have the courage to be friends and affection for the dying. Greg tries to cheer the cancer patient Rachel, showing her the amateur films that she shoots with her friend.

Where Dreams Cause / What Dreams May Come, 1998

Visually flawless tape tells the storyeternal love, which knows no boundaries and which no barriers are afraid of. Robin Williams, who previously played mostly comedic roles, came into drama and revealed it from a new perspective.

Thirteenth floor / The Thirteenth Floor, 1999

This film was released in 1999, a little earlier"Matrix", and went somehow unnoticed. He is not so impressed with special effects, but he delves deeper into the problems of reality and virtuality, more skillfully leads the story thread. After viewing, you can not immediately switch to something else. I want to sit and think.

Andrei Rublev, 1966

A great painter, who sings light and good,was born at a time when relations between people made the Earth more like a branch of Hell: Russia of the XV century in princely feuds, raids of nomads, in hunger and disease. In order to find in oneself love for a person, one must go through a serious path of personal formation.

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