In these 13 movies you are waiting for unexpected and confusing turns of events, sudden scenario moves, not allowing you to break away from the screen, as well as surprises finals that can not be foreseen.

Wildness / Wild Things / Wild Things

A story with a twisted plot that intriguesat every step. Here, you lose the account of unexpected turns with carefully thought-out moves. The film begins as a story of a high school student and her friends (Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) who blame their teacher (Matt Dillon) for rape. The hidden motives of the characters promise a mountain of surprises.

Disappearance / The Vanishing

Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) traveled with his girlfriendDiana (Sandra Bullock), who left the car to go to the roadside store, but did not return. The main character tries unsuccessfully to find her, but can not find out what happened to his companion. In the end, the kidnapper (Jeff Bridges) reports that he will tell you what happened to Diana, if Jeff does the same as she did. Is he not destined for the same fate as the girl, does he know the truth and will he be able to survive?

Island of the Damned / Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio superbly played TeddyDaniels, Marshal of the United States, who arrives at a psychiatric hospital for criminals on the island of Shatter to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients. As a result of a strong storm, he is stuck on the island, where the events seem more strange. Martin Scorsese took off a tense puzzle, from which the mystery about the monstrous tragedy is untangled.

Seven Pounds

The carelessness of Tim Thomas (Will Smith) leads tothe death of seven people, including his bride. To atone for his sins, he vows to help the same number of people find happiness and joy in life. But his plan is much more tragic than it might seem at first glance. So we have not seen Will Smith yet. A film that will make you pour a bowl of popcorn with tears.

Secret Window / Secret Window

Johnny Depp in the adaptation of Stephen King's novel -this is already a promising beginning. Writer Mort Rayney faces a dangerous stranger (John Turturro), who accuses him of plagiarism and is determined to take revenge. The lawsuit to find out the true authorship turns into a series of crimes. But again, even the most sinister assumptions of spectators are not justified, since everything is much more complicated.

Robot and Frank / Robot & Frank

The former thief in the declining years (Frank Langella) livesalone in his country house. Son, concerned about his father's health, brings him a robot assistant, which causes a storm of indignation in Frank. Further interesting to observe the curious relationships that develop between the main character and the "insensitive piece of technology." Unexpectedly a soulful movie.

The illusion of flight / Flight Plan

After the death of her husband Kylie Pratt (Jodie Foster)flew from Berlin to New York with her six-year-old daughter. On the plane she fell asleep for several hours, and waking up, found that the girl disappeared with things and boarding pass. Kylie can not even prove that her daughter was with her on the plane. Nobody believes her, everyone believes that she went mad because of the death of her husband.

Primeval fear / Primal Fear

In this film, a brilliant acting debut took placeEdward Norton, who brought him the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He appeared as a young man who suffers from a split personality and is accused of murdering a respected bishop. The key figure of the thriller is the hero of Richard Gere, a famous lawyer who plans to win the case at any cost. The ending is incredible.

Others / The Others

The classic story of domestic ghosts is beaten withmost unusual side. Nicole Kidman beautifully reincarnated as the widow of a military man who lives in a remote estate with her two children, suffering sensitivity to direct sunlight. Three manservants appear in the mansion, and from time to time there is a strange noise, as if issuing someone's presence. In the end, there is a stunning exit, after which for some time you will listen to the sounds in your house.

Oldboy / Oldboy

Cult psychological detective of South Koreanfilm director Pak Chan Uk. The actor Choi Min Sik played the main character, an ordinary businessman who was kidnapped by unknown people and kept locked up for fifteen years. All the years of imprisonment he had been guessing, but he could not understand who was holding him and for what reason.

In addition to the puzzling plot in the film, the scene is impressive, in which the hero is using a hammer against a crowd of "bad guys" in the corridor, as well as eating a live octopus.

The Mist / The Mist

A fantastic film was shot in Stephen's novelKing's. True, the ending is different from the original story, but the king of horrors, having looked, approved, said that this finale was implicit in the book. The plot is built on an unnatural natural phenomenon. The city begins to cover up a strange thick fog, in which lies something horrible of unknown origin.
It will be difficult to forget the finale.

Identity / Identity

The creators of this thriller say that they tookthe basis of Agatha Christie's novel "10 Little Indians". The action takes place against the background of a raging shower. Ten unfamiliar people will stop at an isolated roadside hotel at the same time. The people begin to die one after another, it is obvious that the killer is among them, but how to calculate it? This story is not just about villainy, it is much more meaningful and unexpected.

Point over I / Dot The I

A movie that at first resembles a romanticdrama, rapidly develops into a detective story and, finally, evolves into a bloody thriller. Natalia Verbeke played a young woman who is going to get married. On a hen party, according to the custom at a restaurant, she gives the last kiss to a stranger named Keith (Gael Garcia Bernal) and then a classic "love triangle" is formed. But in the finals all the assumptions of the spectators are again falling.

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