Each of us has a favorite film or films,which we are ready to review forever. But monotony will sooner or later get bored. Well, or your family will beg you "to put, in the end, something else!"

Ivi.ru collected a selection of films with a looped narrative: they can be reviewed an infinite number of times and constantly surprised, admired and noticed something new.

Butterfly Effect

Evan found the perfect way to fix itcommitted errors: when he is at the right time, in the right place, he adjusts his past and because of this he fundamentally changes his life ... Only at that moment the hero did not think that his actions could lead to much worse consequences.

Source Code / Source Code

A group of military scientists creates technology"Source Code", which allows you to get into the body of any person in the last eight minutes of his life. Captain Colther Stevens becomes the first "subject". His task is to find and neutralize the terrorist, who will blow up the crowded train. But the difficulty is that anyone can be a criminal, and time for Stevens is limited.

Remember / Memento

In the life of Leonard Shelby, a terribletragedy - an unknown bastard raped and killed his wife. Because of the nervous breakdown, he earned a rare form of amnesia - he can not remember anything that happens to him, and every 15 minutes his memory is "reset". The only thing that he remembered forever - he loves his wife, she is no longer alive and he will avenge.

Time patrol / Predestination

After many terrible catastrophes and terrorist attacks,it is decided to collect the Time Patrol - an organization whose employees will be able to travel in time and prevent crimes in the past. One of the most experienced employees is sent to the last task - to try to stop a dangerous criminal, a ruthless demolitionist who can also move in time.


Middleton - ordinary, unremarkablea provincial town where nothing ever happens and all the residents know each other in person. However, it is here at 11:14 that the dark secrets of the townspeople will turn into one big confusing story.

Communication / Coherence

A company of friends gathers together topass the evening for a pleasant conversation and a hearty dinner. One of the guests tells that just today Miller's comet flies over the Earth, an event of the century, which promises many strange and inexplicable phenomena. Friends begin dinner, and suddenly the light goes out in the whole house.

Triangle / Triangle

Having decided to take a break from domestic chores and take care of one's ownson-autist, Jess decides to swim with friends on the yacht "Triangle". However, an idyllic sea walk breaks the storm, the guys suffer a disaster, and after several hours of drifting the yachtsmen "rescues" the passenger liner unknown from whence. Without a single passenger on board ...

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