Invisible Children, All the Invisible Children, 2005

France, Italy

"All adults were once children. Many of them have already forgotten this, "wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery once, and his thoughts are more relevant than ever for this unusual film. "Invisible children" are movie almanacs, consisting of seven unrelated stories-short stories, directed by different directors. Each of them is about the children and the cruel world around them, each is the pain and hope of fragile hearts, each reminding that all the children of the world are crying in one language.

Inappropriate person / Den brysomme mannen, 2006

Norway, Iceland

Imagine that you are in a place where everyonepeople are benevolent, although they are unemotional, where the work is wonderful, but in general everything is perfect! After what time will you start to look for a dirty trick? The main character of this film, Andreas - not immediately, but as soon as he finds the corpse of his colleague, immediately begins to ask questions: what is this unbearable grayness of life and how did he end up here? If you like a dynamic story and action, you are not at this address. But what is more than enough in the "Invalid person", so these are symbols and metaphors, after all, in fact, the film is the most that neither is a parable about what it means to live, not to be.

Deserted city / Reign Over Me, 2007


A film that will make the viewer look atAdam Sendler on the other hand. Perhaps this is one of the best films related to the tragedy of September 11 ... No, in the picture you will not see the fall of the twin towers, but it shows the fate of a man who lost his wife and children and ultimately himself. A chance meeting with an old friend gives him a chance to change his life, and, perhaps, this meeting was necessary for both of them. When you watch this film, it seems that somewhere you have already seen it. An ordinary drama about tragedy and loneliness. Although, maybe not so ordinary?

Asterisks on the ground / Taare Zameen Par, 2007


"Asterisks on the ground" - this is not the sameBollywood, to which we are accustomed. And yes, the final dance with songs is not here either. But there is an amazing and touching story. Quite an ordinary family, two children, the eldest son is the best pupil in the class, but the junior is seriously behind the peers, which disappoints everyone. But it is just different from others and requires more time in training and attention. And only the drawing teacher only notes the nature of the boy's problems, his deep peace, and also the blindness of those around him to the problems of special children. It seems to be Indian cinema, the other end of the continent, but as relevant to our realities!

Mister No one. Nobody, 2009

Belgium, Germany, Canada, France

This philosophical and psychological film is simplya treasure, symbols, wise thoughts and aphorisms - and from the first minutes draws into his special world where there is no time count, and if there is, then not in the order that we expected. So, imagine the year 2092, the protagonist calling himself Nemo No one - the 118-year-old man, the last mortal man on Earth. Over the last days of his life, the rest of the already immortal people are watching in a reality show. The old man himself does not remember anything about his fate, but gradually in conversations with the psychiatrist he shares the tangled scraps of memories - and it is not clear that this is true, but what is imagination. "Mister Nobody" is an amazing film, complex, amazingly beautiful about what a choice is and what consequences each decision has for itself.

The skin in which I live / La piel que habito, 2011


The films of Pedro Almodovar occupy a special niche incinematography. In this film, the director plunged into the depths of bioethics, telling us the story of a plastic surgeon who approached God, experimenting with his captive. Is it possible to change a person violently? And to fall in love with a person who externally is a clone of your beloved? Where is the line between insanity and genius? Add to the difficult questions raised by the director, a stunning visual series - and before you is a drama that is very difficult to forget.

Mandarins / Mandariinid, 2013

Estonia, Georgia

The Estonian-Georgian picture of Zaza Urushadzetells a sad story about a war without war in the frame. 1992 year. The Georgian-Abkhaz conflict: the Estonian immigrant Ivo lives a modest carpenter life among the Abkhazian mountains and, together with a friend Margus, grows tangerines for sale. There is war everywhere, and nobody needs fruits. Moreover, Ivo becomes an involuntary savior of two young men from the opposing sides. And so under one roof is the Chechen Ahmed and Georgians Nicky. "Mandarins" - a film after which I want to believe the movie. That film academics and believed and nominated kratina in 2013 for "Oscar" as the best foreign film. But if we were to select the films that passed the Backdale test, you would never have heard about the Mandarins, since the test would surely have overwhelmed the test - there is not a single female character in it.

A hundred-year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared / Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann, 2013

Sweden, Great Britain, France, Spain, Russia

We continue to introduce you to the Scandinaviancinematography. "A century old man" is a soulful, slightly confused with a portion of the black humor of the movie about Alan Carlson, a specialist in bombs and explosives, who lived an incredible life and was acquainted with Mussolini, Stalin, Truman and other iconic personalities of the 20th century. In his centenary, Alan decides to escape from a nursing home through a window to see the world a little more. This is where the adventures of the hero begin with the flashbacks of his amazing and difficult life.

Second Life Uwe / En man som heter Ove, 2015


Another amazing finding, nominated inThis year on "Oscar" as the best foreign film. The award of the work of Hannes Hill was lost to the Iranian "Salesman. Foreverly displeased, Uwe, who exchanged the seventh decade, argues with sellers and neighbors, chases dogs, swears with anyone only possible - he has become disgusted with a world where his wife is not a victim of the disease, and in the house a rope hangs on a hook instead of a chandelier. But every time he puts a noose around his neck, something prevents Uwe, helping to understand - it's too early to leave ... A touching, sincere, sad film - about cultures and characters, about old people and children, about loneliness and family values ​​... Yes about all a little.

Ghost Beauty / Collateral Beauty, 2016


The co-owner of the advertising agency Howard is the secondthe year is in grave depression after the death of his six-year-old daughter. His apathy, isolation and the desire to write letters to nowhere - Death, Love and Time - entail the disruption of the largest orders, so his colleagues decide to conduct with him a few unusual sessions of psychotherapy, during which the cabinets get skeletons not only from Howard , but also for customers of a progressive method of treatment. Directed by David Frenkel in his "Ghost Beauty" gathered a real star composition: Helen Mirren, Will Smith, Keith Winslet, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton ... But this did not stop them from getting a nomination for the "Golden Raspberry". But the main actor Will Smith after the shootings said: "If a person is judged by the people who surround him, then I would like these actors to surround me all my life." Probably, that's why this movie turned out - sometimes confused, sometimes naive, in places very philosophical, but hardly passable.

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