A selection of films that repeat the topicvoluntary or forced loneliness for various reasons. The main characters are removed from the society, fighting their own psychological demons, or simply circumstances throw them into the distant distance.

Strawberry Glade / Smultronstället (1957)

"Strawberry Glade" - psychological dramaSwedish director Ingmar Bergman, reflecting on the topic of self-knowledge. The main character is Professor Isak Borg. He goes to the honorary meeting devoted to the 50th anniversary of his professional career, and on the way he gives himself visions and memories, and rethinks his entire life.

This black and white film is one of the best works of Bergman, received high marks from critics and spectators.

The Red Desert / Il Deserto Rosso (1964)

This is the first color feature filmdirected by Michelangelo Antonioni. Monica Vitti in it plays the role of a young woman, Juliana, whose husband runs a local chemical plant. The main heroine lacks emotional support and attention from others. She desperately searches for points of contact with reality, carries in herself fear, loneliness and craving for love. The devastated soul of the heroine is like a gray, dull industrial landscape. It moves vaguely, indistinctly, almost to the touch, just as unmanifested love within it. It moves with the sun beyond the horizon.

Aversion / Repulsion (1965)

The film by Roman Polanski, filmed in London,tells of a young woman Carol (Catherine Deneuve), who moved into an apartment to her older sister Elena. The heroine for a few days remains alone in a confined space where nightmares, hallucinations and suppressed fears from the past begin to overcome her. The viewer remains to determine what is real, and what the repressed Carol seems to be. "Disgust" went down in history as one of the most influential films of the genre.

Samurai / Le Samouraï (1967)

"There is no deeper loneliness than a samurai, except maybe the loneliness of a tiger in the jungle" - Bushido

Jean-Pierre Melville took a cool crime drama, a real masterpiece that influenced a number of other films.

Zef Castello (Alain Delon) - hired killer,living in a Parisian one-room apartment, which contains a small bird in a cage. An emotionless killer is the embodiment of a lone wolf, a dispassionate professional with an impenetrable face. Having completed the next task, he falls under the police persecution. It seems that peace and rest for him are possible only outside of existence.

Silent Running (1972)

The director's debut of Douglas Trembl was a surprisingly fascinating science fiction drama.

The crew of the spaceship is entrustedrestoration of plant life, the last examples of which were preserved only in geodesic domes attached to the fleet of space transport ships. Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) looks after the forest without showing any emotion or interest in his occupation, despite the fact that he has before him the remains of plants that have disappeared from our planet. However, Lowell's behavior radically changes when the team receives an order to destroy the domes and return home.

This touching and thoughtful film has stood the test of time and still makes a strong impression.

Solaris (1972)

Andrei Tarkovsky is one of the greatest directors in history. This film, like other works, puzzles and mesmerizes with intimate reflections on human nature, memory and spirituality.

The story tells of the psychologist Chris Kelvin,which is sent to the orbital station of a distant planet in order to make a decision about curtailing its sluggish research activity. Arriving at the destination, he tries to find out what is driving the scientists who are working here. But soon he himself attends the materialized image of his wife, who died 10 years ago. In all likelihood, scientists are studying the mysterious planet Solaris.

Taxi Driver (1976)

Martin Scorsese's film about the mentallyan unbalanced taxi driver named Travis. The protagonist, magnificently played by Robert de Niro, lives by himself, suffers from insomnia, works at night. He is a sociopathic veteran of the Vietnam War, thrown to the side of life. Every night, Travis wanders alone, sees thieves, prostitutes, pimps ... and at some point decides to "clean" the city.

The film shows the true human drama of the hero, who in desperation himself throws a merciless challenge to society and the system.

Paris, Texas / Paris, Texas (1984)

The title of the first of two films by Wim Wendersthis list comes from a small Texas town. This is a touching, melancholic and at the same time emotional story about Travis (Harry Dean Stanton), a middle-aged man who disappeared four years ago, but unexpectedly showed up in the desert near the Mexican border. He is looking for his wife and son, he hopes for an attempt to restore relations with relatives, but closer to the final turn his painful memories are aggravated.

The sky over Berlin / Der Himmel über Berlin (1987)

This is the second film directed by Wim Wenders incollection. "The sky over Berlin" is a measured and poetic fantasy drama about two invisible and immortal angels in the German capital. They can read the innermost thoughts of people, they do not know the sense of time and physical sensations. But one of the angels falls in love with a circus performer and decides to exchange eternity for human happiness.

Naked (Naked) (1993)

Films of British film director Mike Leeknown realistic scenes of human relationships. So the drama, filmed in 1993, begins with a scene of violent sexual act involving Johnny, an intelligent and well-educated young man, obviously suffering from some kind of depression. After rough sex in the alley, he leaves his hometown of Manchester and seeks refuge with the former girlfriend Louise, who lives in London. The more the main character reveals, the more revealing his nihilistic, sarcastic and cruel character.

This desperately gloomy comedy was a huge success at the Cannes Film Festival in the year of release.

Three colors: Blue / Trois Couleurs: Bleu (1993)

The first film in the trilogy of Krzysztof Kieslowski "Threecolor ", raising the theme of freedom and isolation. The story tells about a young woman Julie (Juliette Binoche), miraculously survived in a car accident, in which her husband died composer and child. She moves away from friends and past life, trying to live alone and alone, away from anything that recalls the past. But, despite all efforts, Julie still pulls back into reality, to music.

"Blue" is a painful observation of an emotionally devastated woman. The game Binoche and wonderful musical digressions turn the picture into a masterpiece of modern cinema.

Chungking Express / Chungking Express (1994)

In the romantic drama, the fates of several heroes intersect, although the narrative is based on outwardly unrelated novels.

In the first one tells about the enamored and lonely policeman, on the way of which a femme fatale appears. In the second story, another character evokes interest from a local diner.

Wong Karwai skillfully displays the coincidences, which connect two different in nature stories. It is a stylish and delightfully beautiful film that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Leaving Las Vegas / Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Psychological drama of Mike Figgis, foundedon the autobiographical novel of John O'Brien. For the performance of the main role, Nicolas Cage was awarded the Oscar. He played Ben, who drinks, loses his job, burns the house and goes to Las Vegas, where he removes a prostitute. After long conversations, they understand that they have much in common and begin to live together. He promises not to reproach her for what she does for a living, and she promises never to make him quit drinking.

The Outcast / Cast Away (2000)

Tom Hanks played one of his best roles in the classic movie "Man Against Nature". A kind of modern Robinson Crusoe must survive in complete isolation from all mankind.

While you are watching the monstrous struggle forthe survival of the protagonist, you will surely feel a feeling of gratitude for the comfort that has always been taken for granted. The adventure drama of Robert Zemeckis reminds that in life it is worth simply enjoying what is.

Lost in Translation (2003)

Tokyo, night, the bar of an expensive hotel ... Here, fleeing from insomnia, there are two Americans: the actor Bob Harris and the pretty young woman Charlotte. Having met, they embark on a trip to the Japanese capital. This is a good melodrama with witty humor and deep philosophy. The soft collision of comedy and soul makes the film of Sophia Coppola easy, brings a special pleasure and desire to see it again.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... and again spring / Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... And Spring (2003)

"Spring Summer Autumn Winter... and again spring "- a South Korean film, the action of which takes place on an isolated lake, where an old healer and his young pupil live in a small floating temple. Together with the characters we see how one season comes to replace another, and how the years sweep past. The events that occur seem to be as inevitable as the shifts in time that show the cycle of life.

This is a fascinating drama by Kim Ki-Dook with dialogue and a simple story, a calm and contemplative masterpiece that perfectly matches the formula: "when less is more."

The Machinist El Maquinista (2004)

The main character in the psychological thriller Brad Anderson embodied Christian Bale, who had to lose weight for this role by 30 kilograms.

The shocking thin machine operator Trevor Reznik does notsleeps a whole year already. Constantly balancing on the verge of sleep and reality, he tries to distinguish frightening visions from real events in his life. A hero with a strange appearance and eccentric behavior often turns out to be alone. The situation worsens even more when he is involved in a bloody workplace accident.

In the wild / Into The Wild (2007)

Sean Penn read John's book overnightKracauer "In the wild", on which he created the film of the same name, to the shooting of which was preparing for almost ten years. This is a baiopic about Chris McCandless, a young man from a wealthy family who gave up wealth and consumerism, left society and traveled around America under the name of Alexander Superbig. After the death in the wilds of Alaska, a young man, who on the screen embodied Emile Hirsch, became a legend.

Mary and Max / Mary and Max (2009)

Plasticine animation tragicomedyAustralian animator Adam Elliott is based on real events, as noted in the initial credits. This is the story of an 8-year-old girl Mary from a remote Australian suburb and a 44-year-old Jew named Max, who lives in the bustling New York. Suffering from disregard from the father of the taxidermist and the mother of the alcoholic, Mary chooses a random name in the Manhattan phone book and sends a letter to a man named Max Horowitz. Much to her surprise and joy, Mary came the answer. Thus, two people separated by two continents became different pen pals for many years.

She / Her (2013)

A beautiful sci-fi story about love from Spike Jonze, in which the hero Theo (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with the operating system of his computer (Scarlett Johansson is sounded).

Bold Romantic melancholy melodrama abouta lonely writer and his computer love may well turn out to be prophetic, judging by how reverently some people already refer to their iPhone and MacBook Pro.

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