This selection of films is for everyone who is interested in the emotional experiences and difficulties faced by people aged thirty or forty.

The theme of the crisis of middle age appears indeep dramas, and in light comedies. Their heroes are faced with stress associated with work, family and relationships. And the characters cope with their misfortunes sometimes the most unusual way. But in the end they come to an understanding of deep and simple truths, know themselves and overestimate their lives.

Poor rich girl / Young Adult (2011)

37-year-old writer of books for teenagers MavisGary decides to return to his hometown to revive school love. She is determined, despite the fact that the former lover is happily married and even became a father. Before the audience unfolds a string of awkward situations and intimate details from the life of the heroine, which will form a charming tragicomedy. All of its tricks and cunning in the end will be exhausted, and the heroine herself finally realizes that it's time to grow up and move on. In the role of Mavis - the magnificent Charlize Theron.

Baby boom / Baby Boom (1987)

Oscar-winning Diane Keaton performed the role of businessa woman, insanely busy at work. But suddenly she has to reconsider the priorities, since the deceased distant relative appointed her as the sole guardian of her child. This is a touching, and sometimes ridiculous, story about how the heroine's way of life will change with the appearance of the baby.

Beauty in American / American Beauty (1999)

The psychological drama of director Sam Mendes,who won 5 Oscar statuettes, tells of the 42-year-old Leicester Burnham, who is experiencing a mid-life crisis. His wife annoys him, he hates work, his daughter moves away from him. Quite unexpectedly, Lester falls in love with her daughter's best friend.

Basic principles of good / The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

After a personal tragedy, writer Ben experiencesa creative crisis and arranged to work as a nurse for the 18-year-old boy Trevor, suffering from muscular dystrophy. The life, chained to a wheelchair of the teenager, passes before the TV. But Ben decides that this is not the best pastime and they together go on a trip around the country, which will irrevocably change everyone.

Crew / Flight (2012)

In the drama directed by Robert Zemeckis DenzelWashington brilliantly played the role of a man on the verge of self-destruction. An experienced pilot miraculously escaped a plane crash and almost without a victim landed a plane in a very difficult situation. But behind the seeming heroism lies the mass of details that will reveal the story in a new light.

Serious Man / A Serious Man (2009)

The black comedy of the Coen brothers, the main characterwhich Larry Gopnik (Michael Stalberg) - a physics teacher and a native of a Jewish family, whose life is crumbling before our eyes. The daughter stealthily steals money from his wallet, the son smokes grass, someone sends him smearing anonymous letters, the wife wants a divorce and devastates their joint bank account. Larry begins to wonder about the value of life and is looking for ways to solve his existential problems.

Geographer globe drunk (2013)

A film based on the novel of the same name AlexeiIvanova, was awarded many domestic prizes. It tells the story of the 37-year-old biologist Viktor Sluzhkin. The lack of money pushed him to work as a geography teacher in a regular Perm school. In the relationship with his wife, the hero has a crisis, he struggles with the students, he conflicts with the head teacher, stress relieves him with the help of alcohol.

Still Alice (2014)

After filming in this film, Julianne Moore receiveda number of prestigious awards, including Oscar for Best Actress. Her character is a linguistics professor Alice Hawland, who is suddenly diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. On the screen unfolds an extremely touching story, which can not be ignored. The daughter of the main character played Kristen Stewart, and her husband - Alec Baldwin.

Lobster / The Lobster (2015)

Surrealist story, the action of whichunfolds in an anti-utopian society, where single people are sent to a mysterious hotel. There they have to find a couple, and if within 45 days a person does not find his love, he is turned into any animal. Such are the foundations of the society in the comic drama of Jorgos Lantimos, who relentlessly studies social conformism.

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