In different countries of the world, their traditions of the New Year, but almost everyone likes to watch New Year's films.

The film consists of several stories occurringparallel to the eve of Christmas. The Prime Minister immediately falls in love with an employee of his apparatus, the writer flees to the south of France to heal his broken heart. Confused, beautiful, with a huge amount of emotional warmth, with a powerful cast. The film will appeal to adults and children alike.

The selfish, rude and greedy movie magnate FrankThe cross is indifferent to everything except money. He is one of those nasty types who will easily spoil a holiday for anyone. To re-educate the hero, supernatural forces are included in the game: a ghost from the past is a cheerful taxi driver from hell, a fervent, fairy-tale combat fairy and a terrible, laconic envoy of the future.

The French adore this film and watch it every year.
The impression that all the crazy France decidedto celebrate the New Year together. Pierre and Teresa - not entirely sane operators of the Paris helpline. Josette is an odd woman from the city outskirts. Her unclean friend Felix earns Santa Claus on the streets. And also all who passed by passed, ran, ran. For connoisseurs of black humor, the film will appeal especially.

A good story is that even in the most difficultmoments do not despair. In one of the series "One at home" in Paris, children are surprised to find that they do not show "This wonderful life" on TV. One of them exclaims: "So we're definitely not in America." The film is a Christmas classic for many generations of Americans.

The day before Christmas, the reindeer herders gatherdrive the herd. But find out that someone has killed almost all the animals. Now the trinity of reindeer herders and the boy with an expressive appearance will have to catch those who have harmed them. This is an extraordinary film with colorful characters, good humor and an unforgettable atmosphere.

"90th birthday, or dinner for one" isthe real telepathy of the Germans. The tape was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most repeated film - it was shown more than 3300 times. Respectable lady celebrates the anniversary and goes to her dear guests. Only here is the bad luck: all her friends have long since died. Therefore, the footman James tries to please Miss Sophie and create the illusion of the presence of her friends. Thanks to the increasing amount of alcohol consumed by the faithful footman, each new serving of dishes becomes more ridiculous than the previous one.

Cult beautiful fairy tale transmittinggood New Year spirit. The stepmother of Cinderella is trying to give a stupid and evil daughter to marry the prince. But he does not want to marry at all. Instead, he falls in love with a stranger in a mask. He does not know that the beautiful girl and the clever shooter he met in the woods are the same person.

Susan does not believe in Santa and miracles, becausethat mother since the childhood has told, that it is an invention of people and all this disguised actors. Their neighbor Fred Gailey is in love with her mother and is friends with Susan. He believes in miracles and wants to prove to them that magic and Santa actually exist. This is a good tale that we have become a bit stale, but miracles happen if we believe in them.

The family of Americans goes to Paris forNew Year's holidays, but in a hurry, parents forget the home of one of their children. Their son, however, is not lost, and demonstrates what a boy of that age. Unlucky thieves trying to rob the house, and more than once regret meeting with resourceful kid.

Sam Whipple visits Santa Claus and recalls,that in a child's letter in gratitude for the gifts he promised to help the old man if he ever needed help. And now this time has come: the old miser Phineas Prun, who owns the North Pole, requires Santa's rent for his home and a gift factory. Otherwise Prun threatens to evict Santa, his wife and elves, and take all the toys to himself. Santa Claus and Sam must find a council on Phineas Prun, so that Christmas happens.

The film is popular in the Czech Republic so much that every Czechcan portray how Marfusha snaps nuts. It is a beautiful and instructive story in which good live, miracles and faith in the best. Evil stepmother wants to get rid of her stepdaughter Nastenka and sends her to freeze in the winter forest. The boy Ivan falls in love with Nastenka, but he is known as a big braggart, because the forest sorcerer turns him into a bear. Heroes go through many tests before their destinies are combined. And they are helped in this by a kind magician - Grandfather Frost.

In the city of Kgrade there lived a green hairy mancalled Grinch. Nobody loved him, he was offended and went to live on a lonely mountain. The Grinch hated Christmas the most. And then once an angry resident of the mountain decided to end this holiday once and for all. While the carefree-minded people slept sweetly, the treacherous Grinch decided to steal Christmas from the townspeople.

Cartoon about a magical snowman, whomthe boy did on the eve of Christmas, and about their wonderful adventures on Christmas Eve. A kind and sincere story about childhood and the desire of everyone to have a true friend.

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