Social network VKontakte every month surprisesits users innovations. For some, they turn out to be nice, but some people get annoyed. One of these innovations was the addition of subscribers. You can appear in the subscribers of the user in three cases:

  1. When you yourself added the user to friends and he did not have time to review your application.
  2. When the user decided not to add you to friends and leave in subscribers.
  3. When you are removed from friends, you automatically switch to subscribers.

How to remove from subscribers in contact. Ways

To delete from subscribers in a contact, there are two valid ways:

  1. Go to the user's pageyou are subscribed. Under the avatar (photograph) you will see the inscription "Send a message", and under "Send message" in gray letters it will be written "You sent an application ... (User name)". Hover over this with the mouse cursor, so that the following message appears before you: "You sent a (User name) application to friends, and also subscribed to updates of her / his page." Click Cancel.
  2. Go to your page and click "My Friends". Above you will see three inscriptions: "All Friends", "Friends Online" and "Friends Requests." Click first on "Friend Requests" and then "Outbound Requests". Select the user from whom you are subscribing and click "Cancel application and unsubscribe".

You can also remove people fromsubscribers by putting them on the black list. Having become acquainted with the ways that help you to leave subscribers in the contact, you will be able to monitor the changes in the social network, in time to unsubscribe from uninteresting users and not to become one of the hundreds or thousands of subscribers that you would like to enroll.

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