The site's attendance is a very important indicator that influences the success, and, consequently, the monetization of your project. Today we will tell you how to find out the traffic to the site.

Tracking site traffic

In order to know the traffic to the site, you canuse various attendance counters. They, for example, are Yandex Metric, Google Analytics and Liveinternet. This is the most common way to learn website statistics and analyze it. You will need to set the counter codes on all pages of your site. We will tell you a little more about these three counters. Google Analytics is a full-fledged, constantly improving way of analyzing the traffic of your site. It is free, but it is rather complicated. Liveinternet is the most polar in the Runet way of calculating statistics, it is suitable for those who need simple attendance without special analysis. Yandex Metrics, as well as Liveinternet, allows you to analyze whether you have reached the goals set for the site, and not only shows statistics.

Also, there are site rankings for attendance,which is almost the same as the attendance counters. These include Hotlog, Spylog, Rambler Top100 and The specified resources also have some features, for example, if you delete the attendance code Rambler from your page, then you will no longer appear in the rating of this resource. And provides as a visual display of your attendance schedule, which is convenient.

There is still such a method as viewing the serverstatistics of attendance. This service for your site will provide hosting. In this case, the statistics will be available only to you, potential advertisers will not be able to see this information. You can also use the special content management system site, the so-called CMS. But in this case, again, information about visits will not be publicly available and can not be used to present your site to potential advertisers.

How to find out the traffic of someone else's site

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary toUse resources such as Alexa Rank or Pingis. The first one is suitable for sites with closed statistics, but it will show it approximately, if it is a resource Runet.

Now you are aware of how to learn the statistics of site traffic.

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