It is very important to think before posting each photo. In order not to expose yourself to risk, you should know what data and images can not be shared using social networks.

Tickets and boarding passes

Tell your friends about the upcoming vacationit is very pleasant, but you should not upload photos of your boarding pass to the Internet. Of course, your acquaintances already know your name and destination, nevertheless from the inscriptions on the tickets you can extract and other information that can be confidential. Just one publication, and you may be in danger. The thieves of personal data can find out your phone number, date of birth and passport number. In addition, the ticket indicates when you will not be at home, and burglars can get into your apartment while you are on vacation. If, without publishing photos about your vacation, vacation seems to be less exciting, create a private album, accessible only to the closest people. To outsiders and acquaintances this information is better not to trust - you never know what to expect from some people.


Publish checks, credit cards or bundles of money- this is a serious mistake. In addition, these photos show a bad taste. This increases the risk of robbery. Moreover, in the photo you can see confidential information about your bank data. Anyway, to publish anything that is related to money in a social network is extremely dangerous and unreasonable. Try to stay away from it for your own good.

The winning lottery ticket

If you're lucky enough to win the lottery, be smarterand do not brag about the Internet. Of course, if the winnings are small, it is unlikely that he will attract fraudsters, nevertheless they can in any case copy the barcode and steal your winnings. Do not make this mistake and keep your lottery ticket in secret, and do not tell me about the winning combination.

Confidential work correspondence

It is best not to share information abouthis work in social networks, but it is especially important not to publish confidential information. Of course, by law you have the right to talk about work, but everything has a limit. If you received a letter with information about a new advertising campaign or technological innovation, do not publish it on the Internet. It is not necessary and to complain in the Network to the heads or colleagues. You will not appear to be a familiar intelligent person, but you may also face problems if someone from your company's employees finds such publications. If you do not want to risk your career, you will not share information about it on the Internet.

Birth certificate

Publish pictures with personal documents toThe Internet is the same as simply throwing it away or giving it to a stranger. Of course, you may seem sweet to show a birth certificate for your newborn baby, but with this photo you put the security of his data at risk. The problem may be even more serious than you think. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents, the data from which are used for many others. By providing these data to scammers, you give them every opportunity to counterfeit your documents. If you do not plan on reworking absolutely all of your documents and proving your identity, it's better not to show photos of this kind on the Internet.

Works for which you have no copyright

You can be proud of your poem, butpublish it on the Internet, before it will be published in a book or magazine, not worth it, especially if you want to send it to the contest. Someone who wants to misappropriate your work can easily steal it, and it will be extremely difficult for you to prove that it was you who created it first. Even if the poem has only sentimental value and you do not claim a literary prize, so only you can think. And someone decides to copy and use it. Keep your lines to yourself until they are published in the book. And when they are published, everyone can buy a volume in a bookshop. In short, publishing your work in any case will not be a sensible decision.

Other people's children

Publish photos of smiling children's facesvery nice, but it's not always wise to do it. It is not always the publication of photographs of other people's children in general is legal. This can be a particularly serious problem for you if you are running your business. For example, in some states of America, only parents can publish a child's photo. All these nuances should be known to avoid legal problems. Even if you asked permission from the child's parents, the situation may end up negative for you, so try to protect yourself as much as possible and refrain from posting photos with the faces of unauthorized children.

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