Before creating your Internet resource, you need toDetermine its type depending on the intended use. Developing a site on a turnkey basis is a process that requires a clear system of actions. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance all the nuances.

All web products that exist today are divided into commercial and information products. Each of them has its own structure and goals.

Commercial varieties

There are a lot of such web tools, but there are a few - the most common ones. Their main goal is the sale of goods and services.

Business card

In fact, it is an electronic analogue of a paper business card. Such a resource is suitable for businessmen whose firms have recently started, before they can find their customers, to win the target audience. He is also profitable for individual entrepreneurs, because they need to give as much information about themselves as possible. It consists of several pages (up to 20), which provides information about the company, goods and services, given price lists and contact details.

Advantages of this type:

  • Short terms of manufacturing.
  • Low cost.
  • Simplicity of the functional.
  • An opportunity to attract new customers effectively.

If you need to introduce yourself, choose a business card.

Online store

The name speaks for itself. These are trading platforms on which the assortment of goods being sold is presented. Such a resource must contain a catalog of products, a basket of orders. Often there are other options: callback, calculating the amount to pay. It is relevant for such categories as "Leaders of sales", "Novelties", "Special offers".

The advantages of such a site are many:

  • Large target audience.
  • Easy adjustments to the catalog.
  • Advanced functionality. For example, receiving notifications of new orders.
  • Reduced financial costs compared to the organization of a regular store.

Such a web-product is needed primarily for entrepreneurs, owners of private shops.

Corporate website

This is an interactive office of the company. It performs 2 functions - image and information. On such portals the history of the company with the basic chronological milestones is necessarily present, reference materials, a news line, a calendar of events are presented.

Among the positive aspects of corporate Internet resources is:

  • Exclusive, but discreet design.
  • The possibility of rapid promotion due to contextual advertising.
  • A good tool for attracting potential customers.
  • More complete information about the company and more volume in comparison with the business card.

The creation of such resources is more often the concern of owners of large companies.


They are called upon to promote one particular serviceor goods, distinguish them from a number of similar ones. Features include a large number of visual elements that help draw attention to the proposed product. The presence of a special form of feedback, which allows to conduct questionnaires, draws, voting.

Promo is most often used if you need to bring a new product to the market, hold a virtual sale or collect help information about customers.


Special short-term one-page websitesfor conducting advertising campaigns and promoting a particular product or service. They use forms of feedback with a different set of fields, as well as a description of the product provided, the advantages of buying, etc.

Advantages of landings can be called

  • Bright attractive design.
  • Good conversion. The cost of creating such a page pays off many times.
  • Rapid achievement of the result due to the use of contextual advertising.
  • New influx of target customers

Most often it is an auxiliary resource of largecorporations that are releasing a new product and need to be quickly advertised. Landing page is also advantageous for using any urgent shares.

Information Types

Similar web-portals have an informationcomponent. They are designed to broaden the horizon, provide the user with valuable information. These varieties do not pursue any commercial goals. There are several types.


Can be highly specialized, dedicatedone question, or to remind encyclopedias, where a variety of reference materials are collected. They have many subheadings. These are pretty impressive virtual arrays, which are visited by millions of users every day. Visitors can be owners of large enterprises, firms and ordinary citizens.


Their main task is to convey to the audienceinformation about events that have occurred recently, are occurring at the moment or are expected in the near future. The structure of such portals is complex. They have many subsections, a multilevel menu. The success of news products lies in the constant updating of the thematic content. Otherwise, there will be no result from them. Such varieties can become a good advertising tool. Due to the location of advertising, the owner can get a good profit.


It is records (posts) with the addition ofimages and other media. The task of the blogger is to submit information in such a way as to interest the reader and call him to discuss this issue. The number of pages depends on the activity of the author. The structure is simple. Design can be very different, but always emphasizing the individuality of the person who leads the blog.

Each of the presented site types effectively copes with their functional duties.

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