The fish is looking for deeper, and the man is better. The entrepreneur, as a rule, is inclined to look where it is cheaper. And he is right in his own way, trying to order the creation of an online store where he sees the most attractive price tag. The main goal of any business is to maximize profits, so everyone is committed to maximizing costs and costs.

Creating an online store in a professionalstudio costs more than in an online designer, freelance or a former classmate. But since when should the work of professionals cost cheap? More importantly, will the savings on one of the main sources of future income be justified? Is this an expense item, which should be cut by all the truths and crooks?

In this article, we'll figure out whether their money is worth the benefits, convenience and benefits that professional creation of online stores "turnkey", as it happens and who generally needs.

Here are the main advantages of a successful online store:

  • Sales design. Not just stylish and beautiful, but harmoniously combining the elegance of form with the convenience of function. Professional design is based on the psychology of the consumer and hundreds of features of visual perception. He does not just effectively present your product to the end user, but literally makes him want to make an order right here and now. Competent web design, I'm not afraid of this word, makes people emotionally dependent on the process of shopping on your site, forcing you to come back to it again and again.
  • Marketing copywriting. Yes, the Internet user is very lazy and does not like to read much. But do not believe those who say that the text now does not sell. It is professional copyright that is the cherished key that launches motivation mechanisms for the target client to accomplish the targeted action. I will tell you even more: the most powerful and effective means of promotion for today is the strategy of content marketing.
  • High usability. The feeling of comfort should not leave your user from the moment the main page is loaded and to Thank You Page, which he will see after making a purchase. If the site is inconvenient to use: there is no intuitive navigation, the interface is not responsive, the necessary goods can not be found, the logic of registration and payment for the order has not been thought out, the purchase process itself is long and complicated, you will not achieve high sales figures.
  • Continuity. Most likely, you will forever lose the trust of a potential customer and will no longer see it in your online store if the site does not work correctly. Especially if a 404 error, for example, begins to appear during financial transactions. Since the functioning of the online store is directly related to money transfers, a reliable and well-functioning CMS is already a matter of principle. And this requires attention of qualified specialists who will have to provide technical support for the site.
  • Technological. At the moment, it's not enough for the site to load in 1-2 seconds and work smoothly, without hangs, in any browsers. If the user can not make a purchase in an online store, sitting in a taxi, for example, then the competitiveness of your online business is not at the best level (to put it mildly). The point is that most modern Internet users are owners of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, PDAs, netbooks, etc. On a good account, in addition to adaptive layout and optimization for mobile, you also need your own mobile application.
  • Effective promotion. It's not enough just to create an online store - you need to know about it. You need incoming traffic, and not some, but the target. This involves a comprehensive audit and the development of your business by experienced Internet marketers to create an effective promotion strategy. It includes: setting up advertising campaigns and mailings, conducting marketing campaigns, SEO-optimization, constant work with different SMM channels and, of course, high-quality content marketing.
  • Service. The quality of service in trade is equivalent to the quality of the product itself. For online businesses, this is just as true as for traditional business. Beautiful packaging, timely delivery, multilanguage, courtesy of managers, pleasant bonuses and unexpected gifts, a large selection of payment methods, comprehensive information about the product, useful content, etc. - this is not a complete list of means to win and retain customer loyalty.

And since we are talking about the service in the context of developing an online store, here's a short list of the most popular, popular functions and services:

  • designing and creating an exclusive design;
  • simple CMS with video lessons, training;
  • online shopping cart;
  • multifunctional catalog;
  • filters of goods;
  • entering goods into the database (filling);
  • import / export of a product base with Excel support;
  • "Smart" system of site search;
  • the semantic core;
  • news feed;
  • a company blog with useful, unique content;
  • embedded video;
  • interactive satellite map;
  • automatic sliders;
  • multilanguage;
  • Adaptive layout;
  • visual effects and animation;
  • tools for collecting and processing statistics;
  • Connect Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics;
  • single-page purchase registration;
  • quick order (name only + phone);
  • integration with social networks;
  • communication buttons in Skype, Viber, WhatsApp;
  • user's personal cabinet (registration / authorization);
  • bonus points system;
  • form of return of goods;
  • a form of feedback (for example, a guest book);
  • form of subscription;
  • user feedback system;
  • rating and evaluation of goods;
  • polls and voting;
  • branded photos, images, stickers, emoji, icons;
  • banners of different types and formats;
  • SEO module and optimization;
  • Site Map;
  • intuitive navigation system on the site;
  • anchor navigation buttons (for example, "climb up");
  • Thank You Page;
  • domain + hosting + corporate mail;
  • call back order;
  • chat-bot or online chat with a consultant;
  • CallbackHunter or its alternative;
  • informers of third-party services;
  • online calculator, currency converter;
  • hot offers, viewed products, similar, recommended;
  • novelties, sales hits, promotions, discounts;
  • questions and answers (FAQ);
  • affiliate program;
  • "Wholesale buyers";
  • price lists for trading platforms;
  • SMS notifications to administrator / clients;
  • adjustment of advertising;
  • SMM-promotion;
  • adjustment of payment systems;
  • technical support;
  • video production.

Professional development of an online store in the studio

The lists listed above are themselvessuggest that the creation of a quality online store - this is an impossible task for one person. Moreover, if he has a shortage of time. The development of an online store that will meet the needs of the business and the needs of the target audience requires the participation of a whole team of specialists from different areas of web development and digital marketing:

  • Project Manager will guide your project, starting with completion of the brief and preparation of the TOR, ending with the delivery of the fully finished product. This is a kind of guarantor, which is responsible for the quality of work and compliance with deadlines, agreements, helps to control the stages of work.
  • Internet marketer will study the business: will audit the available Internet resources, explore the niche, competitors, Central Asia, set up advertising, develop a promotion strategy and give recommendations for development.
  • Copywriter will participate in the creation of semantics, the content plan, the prototype of the future site, and most importantly - will make your texts sell.
  • Web-designer will turn the store into a "candy bar": it will create a unique visual component of the site in accordance with the brand style and successful trends, place the right accents, make it beautiful and convenient.
  • Front-end developer write code, compose an adaptive layout, "revive" its effects and animation, take into account the requirements for SEO, cross-browser compatibility.
  • Back-end developer configure CMS, integrate social networks, add basic and any additional modules, features, capabilities.
  • Q & A Specialist all will test for errors and send the site for revision, help to ensure the stable operation of all its modules, improve conversion and improve behavioral factors.
  • Depending on the needs of the customer, other specialists are connected to the development: SMMshiki, SEOshniki, PRShchiki, audio / video producers, artists...

Creating an online store in a professionalStudio automatically insures against most possible problems, for example, with quality and timing. When ordering an online store in freelance, an entrepreneur faces many different risks, which in case of contact with unknown and inexperienced performers become practically guaranteed:

  • poor communication, which can be interrupted suddenly;
  • lack of proper qualifications (other people's work can be given for their own);
  • lack of discipline, coherent intra-command interaction;
  • misunderstanding the specifics of your business;
  • a meager range of solutions for the tasks assigned;
  • the need for permanent alterations and strict control;
  • merging information, reselling source or the whole project to competitors;
  • "After us at least the flood" - your project will be executed on a formal level, but you will not be able to use it, modify it or transfer it to other hands;
  • unpredictable result with delaying and disrupting the timing.

The advantages of creating an online store "turnkey"

Creating an online store "turnkey" inprofessional digital studio means getting rid of any headaches associated with the development, launch and promotion of the future site. All possible problems are shifted to the shoulders of the studio staff - experts in their field. The customer only needs to periodically monitor the progress of the work, but even with this the project manager will help him, which will eventually reduce management and other costs.

Working with professionals, you not only getguarantees, the highest quality in the market and the pleasure of the process itself, and also save. And if finances are a replenished resource, then with the lost trust of clients and the spoiled reputation of the brand, things are much more complicated. Nerve cells and lost time, alas, are not restored at all.

To whom is the service of creating an online store "turnkey"will be relevant? Any serious business in which they strive for permanent development and scaling, value their time and image, love service, quality and professionalism, do not tolerate dilettantism and mediocrity, nor do they oppose crushing competitors with powerful Western marketing.


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