When loved ones fall into unhealthydependence, I want to provide them with competent help, get support and understand how to behave in such situations. To do this, a stopnarkotik.info site was created. Here you can find interesting and up-to-date information about the dependencies of modern man and find out answers to many interesting questions.

What information can be found here?

The site has many useful sections: from the first page you can go to the link where you need it. Here you can find a lot of actual videos and articles on different topics.

The main menu on the left shows the main sections of the site, each of which has its own subcategories. There are five main ones: alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, gambling, nicotine addiction.

In the middle are current articles inrandom choice about the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, information about different dependencies, different ways of dealing with them in hospital and home conditions, etc. If you are interested in different information, you can study all the materials in a row.

The section "Popular" contains the most frequently viewed materials.

If you are interested in a particular questionand you do not want to waste time on manual search, you can use the search on the site. In the upper right corner is a search on the site: you can enter the question of interest and see information on it. If you need to find the answer to any particular question, use the advanced search. To do this, click on the gear icon in the normal search or at the bottom of the main page in the "Site Sections" choose "Advanced Search". Such a search is a few graphs: search by content (you need to enter words for search, if it's important to match exactly, put a tick in the corresponding box), user name, comments, sections, time period. Select all necessary conditions and click on "Start Search". Search results can be sorted by different parameters and get more specific data.

In the category "Latest News" fresh materials are collected: if you periodically read the information on the site and replenish your knowledge, you can use this section.

Each article contains detailed information ontopic, many materials are backed up by video. If you are interested not only in a specific question, but also in the whole subject matter, you can study other materials - they are collected on the right in the "Related" section.

What do you need to know about the site visitor?

On this site you can not only learn from allparties interested in the topic, but also communicate with other people, ask them for advice or give their own, to lend each other support. Here people of different views and religions communicate, and each of them is a full-fledged guest of the site, who needs to follow certain rules.

  1. Each visitor should respectfully behavein relation to others. Insults and aggressive claims are forbidden. If in the course of using the site or communication there were any problems, you can ask the site administration through private messages.
  2. Racist, religious and political statements, as well as threats against other participants, are impermissible. Communication is conducted in a polite manner.
  3. You can not post messages that do not relate to the text, topic or content of the article being discussed.
  4. The comments prohibit profanity, ignition of interethnic discord and statements that degrade human dignity.
  5. It is forbidden to advertise products and services, publish spam, information from other Internet resources and media that do not relate to the topic of the material.
  6. Administration has the right to remove from the sitecomments or part of them if they do not comply with these rules. Violating them, the user receives a warning, in some cases, the administration can ban without warning. Ban is also given for insulting moderators and administrators. In order to contact the administration, look in the section "Contacts".

Otherwise, all users have the right to speak out, exchange opinions, freely communicate for the benefit of themselves and others.

Website of STOPNarkotik.info provides useful and objective information to anyone who wants to help themselves or their loved ones get rid of addiction or is interested in this topic. Interesting and detailed articles, current videos and the support of other people will help to cope with a serious problem.

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