If you are eager to erudition, veryinquisitive, you like to communicate on different topics and get new information, you can use the Internet with the benefit for all this. For example, sites that publish interesting information for many people on different subjects are becoming popular now. Each of these portals has a certain concept, sections, coverage of topics, but the common one is the expansion of the outlook in different areas. Many of them have the same name in social networks, which you can subscribe to if you wish. For an example, let's briefly consider one of these sites - http://fb.ru/

FB.ru is a cocktail of useful news, articles and fresh information on the following subjects: life, economics, science, auto, leisure, high-tech, health.

  1. "Life" unites a variety of materials,which can be useful for your life or just interesting. You will learn about interesting events in the world, you can travel to the places of the planet, viewing relevant materials, learn about the latest developments in the world of politics and stars.
  2. "Economics" is devoted to a variety of financial topics: financial literacy, economic analytics, wealth psychology, career, business and labor management recommendations.
  3. "Science" will acquaint you with various scientific discoveries and observations, news and interesting information from different fields of science.
  4. "Auto" will present the latest news from the auto world, reviews on popular models, the history of automobile brands, etc.
  5. "Rest" will appeal to travelers and tourists: You will get acquainted with new places and see photo projects of beautiful places of the planet. Also here are collected materials on various entertainment and hobbies, news from the world of fashion, design, cinema, recommendations for the preservation of health in their spare time.
  6. "Hi-tech" is dedicated to materials and news from the worldtechnologies, gadgets, computers and the Internet. You can learn a lot of interesting and new, and also get a lot of tips on how to use your gadgets and computers as practical and diverse as possible.
  7. "Health" will tell you about the latest scientific research in this field, about how and how it affects our health, and how we can improve our health.

You can read materials of any interest to youcategories, and share them with friends. If you yourself write well and love this business, then you can become an author on the site. The portal also cooperates with journalists, various specialists, businessmen, webmasters who can contribute to the development of the project.

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