Information can be different - useful and not very useful,actual and untimely, filed in an interesting or fresh form. Everyone chooses which data and how much to perceive it. For those who wish to receive maximum satisfaction from new information, it is worth paying attention to DX news, introducing users to hitherto unknown data and events in a light and unconstrained form.

DX news - presentation in a language that everyone can understand

What distinguishes the DX news is that it's theirmultilingualism. They are available for reading at once in several languages, among which besides traditional Russian there is also English and French. Fans of all the outlandish can transmit data via Morse code or even use digital or alphabetic combinations for this, the urgency of filing from this will not diminish at all. As for the distances available for this type of connection, then different continents are not an obstacle - if you want to send DX news you can go anywhere.
Separately it is necessary to say and about all the most possiblecompetitions, coverage of which is also included in the mandatory DX news block. Everyone can participate in them, and the more difficult the conditions for holding, the more honorable the victory in this or that event.

The site where you can contact DX-ing directly

But where can you read the DX news, you ask? There is nothing easier - your attention is given to the portal, offering just a huge infobase with everything that has this or that attitude to the radio and not only. The project is characterized by a number of undeniable advantages, but the most attention at the same time deserve the following:

  • The interface is simple and understandable;
  • Non-stop interactive chat;
  • Always the most recent and relevant DX news;
  • RSS-mailing with all the most significant events;
  • Submission by users of applications for the computation of the information of interest;
  • Calendar with scheduled events;
  • The choice of interface language at the user's request;
  • Detailed description of the conducted activities;
  • Rapid communication with the administration of the resource;
  • A free and not requiring use of services.

DX news is becoming more popular evenamong those who are completely indifferent to the radio and the subject of radio amateurship. To keep abreast of the situation, join the team - here you will be happy, and you can definitely count on qualified help from more experienced colleagues just when you need it most.

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