Are you going to create a channel on YouTube hosting? Then it's time to think about the stylish screensaver, which will start your videos! Of course, it can be created in the program in which you are going to mount the main video. But it should be borne in mind that video editors are rarely adapted to quickly and easily create original titles and screensavers.

From the article you will learn how to make a splash screen for a video on YouTube in the program "PhotoShow PRO". Thanks to this you can impress the audience from the first seconds of the video.

Step 1: Choose a screensaver from the application directory

Install the software on the computer and start it. "Photoshow PRO" immediately suggests creating a project and selecting a photo that will become the "background" of the screen saver. Please note, you can design a screensaver from scratch or do not spend a lot of time and use the built-in templates.


To select a workpiece from the catalog, click the "Screensavers". All slides in the program's collection are divided into groups: "Animated","Luminous","Static". In addition, there is a special folder in the application that you can use to store your work. Choose the appropriate slide on the subject from the catalog, grab it with a mouse and drag it to the mounting table in the very first slot.


Step 2: Set up the screensaver

Screensaver added? It's time to edit it! To do this, click the "Edit slide". A menu will open, in which the software will offer to edit the composition of the slide. Click on the function "Add Layer"And complete the intro with text, graphics or short videos.


"Photoshow PRO" allows you to use anyitems with a PC, and also has its own collection of clipart. Thanks to this you will be able to quickly figure out how to make a splash screen for video in an application quality and beautiful.


Step 3: add the animation

Be sure to pay attention to the button "Slide Effects". Under it is hidden a vast list of unusual animated elements that can improve the design of the screensaver several times. On any "light" slides, natural effects, soap bubbles, snow and other elements from the first catalog will look great. Screen savers based on dark colors will be decorated with fantastic glowing effects from the collection: fire, sparks, iridescent objects, etc.


Step 4: save the screensaver

From the text above you learned how to make a screensaverfor video on YouTube in a convenient Photoshop PRO application. It's time to save the project! To do this, close the slide editor window, without forgetting to click "Save", And then click on the"Create"And select the best option for fixing the screen saver. Wait until the end of the save, double check the movie for errors and connect it to the video editor with the main part of the movie.


"Photoshow PRO" - a program that allowscreate original slide shows and beautiful screensavers for video clips. At the same time, you can carefully plan the composition of the screensaver from and to, independently adjust the location of all elements on the slide and animation. You can download the software right now:

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