Modern technologies allow a person not tojust browse the video you like with your mobile phone, but also shoot it by broadcasting on-line. This function becomes available by subscription to the Periscope application. Having won its popularity all over the world, it became available to Russian users regularly visited by the Internet.

What can Periscope know?

In its essence, Periscope is an opportunitycreate video broadcasts that are relevant at the moment, using a smartphone or tablet. Read more in the article "What is Periscope?", There you will find out what it is like to download an application, etc.

In addition, the social network Periscope is designed to perform 4 main tasks:

  1. List of all online broadcasts in the world. Regardless of where the subscriber is, you can connect to the air of other countries or cities, learn a lot of useful and just interesting information. To do this, on a specially created map, the territory is selected and the view is launched.
  2. Own video broadcast. With its help, it's easy to keep video diaries, talk about your own adventures, create master classes or describe travel, from the side with which you see them.
  3. Translation of the people read. With the help of a certain function, you can connect an alert that will alert you when the broadcast begins.
  4. Search for people. This is a very simple way to subscribe to those who, in your opinion, provide the most relevant video.

How to use the application?

Connect to such a smart application very mucheasily. This is done either via a Twitter network with automatic data downloading, or using your phone number. In the second case, when you enter the number, you receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

All the settings and the profile of the subscriber are so simple and accessible to the developers that it takes no more than 10 minutes to fill them.

In the Periscope application, you can add orblock users, approve their video with hearts, correspond with the authors during the air, share their broadcasts and edit its settings as it will suit you.

In addition, created videos are stored in the archive 24hours, and are available for repeat views. And if there is a need for longer use, the author can transfer the video to his mobile phone or computer.

Very often in life there are such events,which you really want to share with others immediately. Now this option is available to anyone, it is enough to have in your arsenal a mobile phone with a connected Periscope application and good access to the Internet.

This application (social network Periscope) specificallycreated for the phone (smartphone, etc.), so you can communicate with family and friends. But besides talking on the phone, you can make money. Therefore, we recommend to read also the article "Everything about earnings on the Internet from the phone."

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