VPN is a modern technology that allowsspend time on the network without any restrictions or concerns. With its help you can hide your real IP-address, gain access to sites blocked by the provider, network administrator or banned in the country. In addition, VPN users gain effective protection from intruders who are trying to learn confidential data or infect a computer. A high level of security and freedom in the network is possible due to a special method of data transmission. Traffic is encrypted and transmitted over a separate secure channel, preventing unauthorized access.

How quickly and without problems to find the right VPN service?

The choice of a VPN service is a complicated matter andtroublesome. This is due to the ever increasing number of resources of this type. On the market there are regularly new and new samples, differing in cost, quality and provided opportunities. It will take a lot of time to independently find proposals, understand them, determine the most appropriate and learn how to use it. For a more effective solution to the problem of selecting a VPN service, special aggregator sites are created that contain information about these resources. Under one interface, they provide prices, parameters, reviews of various VPN-services.


What features does vpnlist.ru provide?

Vpnlist.ru is a reliable aggregator site that collects information about the best VPN services and submits it in an accessible and understandable form for the most convenient search. Setting the necessary filter parameters, you can, without flipping through the pages, find suitable resources.

On the site vpnlist.ru services are sorted by the following criteria:

  • By the date of payment. Some VPN services offer a free trial period. This is very advantageous, since it makes it possible to check the work of the resource before purchasing, to understand what its advantages and disadvantages are, without risking it financially at the same time. The vpnlist.ru filter also allows you to find VPN services with a minimum prepayment period of up to one day.
  • By the number of servers used. Their number in the chain can be more than two, each of which is in another country. This connection allows you to hide the traces of the user and creates additional protection for his data.
  • By the presence of instructions for customization. This feature helps you easily find VPN services that provide installation guidance on specific platforms, such as Android, Asus, Blackberry or iOS.
  • By the protocols used to make the connection.
  • By the availability of mobile applications developed for a particular VPN service. Using this filter item, mobile device owners can find suitable resources for themselves.
  • By countries. Under the name of each VPN service are indicated the states whose IP-addresses are available for use. Someone wants to raise the level of their anonymity and selects a server in a third world country, so as not to attract unnecessary attention to their actions. Others prefer to assign an IP address to one of the states that are not characterized by strict censorship in order to get maximum access to various sites.
  • By the method of payment. The filter list includes various options, including Webmoney, BitCoin, Qiwi wallet, Paypal, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Visa / MasterCard, American Express and others.
  • By other criteria. Additional functions allow you to find VPN-services, not leading logs, allowing you to download torrents that return money in case the resource does not suit you.


Special offers from vpnlist.ru

In addition to a functional, practical filter forsearch for a suitable VPN service, vpnlist.ru has other advantages. For example, users can get promotional codes and learn about special promotions. This information allows you to pay for VPN services with the maximum benefit, benefiting from various discount programs and bonuses. The features of the site vpnlist.ru are available both for those who work on a stationary computer or laptop, and for owners of modern mobile devices: tablets or smartphones. Exhaustive information about the VPN resources presented on the site is contained in independent reviews, as well as in reviews posted by real users.

If you do not want to spend too much time searchinga decent VPN service that meets the requirements, compare parameters and prices, and you want to get to the point from the first time, the site vpnlist.ru - excellent in this helper. Our resource will do all the work for you and in the shortest possible time will provide search results, will allow you to find out the necessary information about the selected service. Cooperation with us is convenient and profitable.


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