The fact that protecting the WiFi network with a password is a good thing,you probably already heard. To the protected network can not connect outsiders, which means that your security and your traffic are not threatened. But what if you suddenly forgot your password and now can not use your own wireless network? The answer is in our article.

How to recognize the password from a wireless network

In fact, to learn the password from your WiFi network is notso it's hard. You can find the password in the settings of the router or in the settings of the Windows network connection. How to find the password on the computer is described in detail in our article How to find the password from WiFi, and here we will explain how to search for it on the router.

To get into the settings of the router, you need torun the browser and enter in the address bar or - which option to use is written in the instructions to your model, and sometimes even on the label on the bottom of the router. The standard login for login is admin, the password either coincides with it, or is missing, or it is 1234 or 12345. You can also specify in the instruction or on the label.

Once in the web interface of the router, find thereWiFi settings. Then everything will depend on the specific manufacturer. Some of the information is collected in one section, others need to additionally open the "WiFi security settings" subsection. Either way, look for a field with the word "Key" (encryption or network). This is your WiFi password.

Particularly difficult case - when you forgot not onlypassword to WiFi, but also the password to the router as a whole (if at the time, as it should, changed it from the standard one to its own one). In this case, you can solve both problems at once by resetting the settings. Find on the router a small hole with the signature "reset" or "reset" and with some thin sharp object such as a spoke or a paper clip, press the button hiding there. Hold it for a while and release.

After that, the router will return to the factoryand you can use the password specified in the instructions to enter the web interface. Well, the WiFi password is reset along with the settings, so now you can come up with and ask a new one - just try not to forget it again.

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