Social networks have long become an inalienablepart of our lives. On the change of communication via SMS came facebook, classmates, in contact and other Internet resources. Thanks to them, it became easier and easier to communicate and get to know each other. And yet, despite all this, sometimes many girls have a question, what to write to a guy in contact? We will give you in this article recommendations, using which you can easily and naturally communicate on the network with the young people you like.

How to communicate with strangers on the Internet

So, you like someone on the social network. Carefully studied his page, interests, and realized - yes, this is the same person with whom you want to communicate! What to do next? Pay attention to the psychology of men - they are straightforward, so do not be tricky and try to make your greeting original and non-standard. The usual one will do: "Hi, how are you? Let's get acquainted!". As a rule, this is quite enough to make contact and start communication.

If you still want to get away from the boredbanal phrases, then consider what young people like when they are interested. In this case, you can catch on for some interesting fact from his questionnaire. Perhaps you can formulate the question by viewing his photos. Having learned, than the object of your attention is carried on, probably, you can foresee any features of its character. All that you can figure out, include in your first message. For example, you can indicate that you are surprised that he is keen on skydiving, since for you this is one of the features of masculinity. Then, orient yourself on the situation. Usually the guys go to the contact willingly and they themselves show interest in continuing this acquaintance.

In case you first met, but onlyThen you saw the photo, then get ready for the fact that the guy might not like you. However, in life many look much better than in the pictures, and then, you can get used to any appearance. After all, much more important is the character of a person and his internal qualities, do you agree with us?

How to communicate on the Internet with those you know

And sometimes there is such a situation - you know the guypersonally, but communicate at the level of greetings, but you want something more. How to write to a person in contact in this case? There is only one advice - write as it is everything that you think. Young people value straightforwardness without any ambiguity. If you like it - so tell. And if your feelings are mutual, then the doubts will end in romantic relationships. And if there is no sympathy, then this is also, in general, the result, but you will know this and will not build unnecessary illusions.

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