You have an interesting personal profile in the socialnetwork or on the forum? Do you also have many beautiful photos that you want to share with friends and subscribers? You decided to create several virtual photo albums, but do not know how to name the album with photos? We have prepared for you 5 creative ideas - be original!

  • Feel yourself an actor.

If you post photos, for example, with a forest walk on horseback, why do not you call the album "adventures of a cheerful cowboy" or "forest bandits"?

  • Find beautiful epithets and metaphors.

If your photos are a measured beachrest on the sea coast, call it "exotic fairy tale", "uninhabited island", "visiting the Papuans", "my friends natives", "tropical paradise" or "Atlantis".

  • Look in the collection of Latin aphorisms.

For any photo album you can find the right onesaying. Evening with friends in the bar - "in vino veritas" - "truth in wine". Photos from studies or work - "as much as ada astra" - "through thorns to the stars".

  • Cite your favorite song.

For example, if you are thinking how to name an album withphotos that illustrate the brightest moments of your life, you will be approached by such quotes: "Who should say thanks, what is alive?" (Vladimir Vysotsky), "you know how you want to live" (Christmas), "I am the happiest, living in the world" ( Night snipers).

  • Find a good word or an interesting phrase.

For example, "alibi" is an excellent name foralbum, in the pictures of which you are in different places and with different people. "Closer to the sky" - so you can name the album, where you, for example, jump with a parachute or fly in an airplane. "Bright lights of a hot night" - photos from a nightclub or disco.

If you know other original ways how to name an album with photos, describe them in the comments!

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