A flash drive is a convenient, modern portablestorage medium. Its use does not require special knowledge and skills, the USB flash drive is very simple. However, many who first get a USB flash drive do not know how to use it. One of the frequently asked questions is how to download a movie to a USB flash drive. We will tell you about this.

Download the movie on the USB flash drive

Before, make sure that the movie will fit on the USB flash drive. To do this, you need to see how much free memory is on the flash drive, and how much the movie weighs. Information about the film can be obtained from the place from where you download it. If the movie is already downloaded from the Internet, you just need to select it with the left mouse button, right-click the selected movie, selecting "Properties." There you will find information about how much the film weighs.

It's the same with a flash drive. In the menu "My computer" we select the flash drive, select it with the left mouse button, press the right button and learn the memory stick's memory status. The film should not weigh more than the free space on the flash drive. If everything is in order, then we proceed as follows:

  1. After you inserted the USB flash drive into the computer, the USB flash drive window will be displayed either on the screen itself, or you can open the USB flash drive via My Computer by clicking on it with a double click of the left button.
  2. The flash drive window is open, the movie is on the computer. Now select the movie and click on it with the left mouse button. Without releasing the button, drag the movie to the USB flash drive. If you want to send a movie to a certain folder on a USB flash drive, you must first create it and then open it. Then the movie will be saved in the desired folder. If you want the movie to be saved only on the USB flash drive, then after selecting it on the computer, right-click on the movie, select "Cut", move to the folder of the flash drive, right-click in it and select "Paste." You can also drag the movie quickly to the USB flash drive by highlighting it, selecting "Copy" instead of "Cut", and again in the folder with the right mouse button "Paste." In this case, the movie will be saved on both the computer and the flash drive.
  3. Now we are waiting for the film to be copied. Before you will be a new window in which you can watch the copying of the movie on the USB flash drive. The speed of copying depends on the operating system installed on your computer, and on the weight of the movie itself. After this window disappears, the movie will be copied completely to the USB flash drive.
  4. There is a simpler option. If the computer recognized the flash drive, you just need to select the movie on the computer, right click on it, select "Send ..." and specify the path to the flash drive. The film will be copied, you will need to wait.

How to download movies for free on a USB flash drive? The methods described by us are absolutely free, they are standard operations for working with files and folders. You can download movies for free on special Internet resources. To find them, enter into the search in the browser "download movie (movie name) for free." Also you can install free programs on your computer that will allow you to quickly download movies from different sites, for example, from "Contact". Now you know how to download a movie to a USB flash drive.

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