The sky shining with myriads of stars is rare, if notsay an exceptional sight for the inhabitants of large cities. In August, sometimes, the sky will blink a hundred or two distant light bulbs - we are glad of that. And mostly at night from the smog and the illuminations overhead, there is a muddy yellowness. It's good that there are such photographers as Oscar Keserchi, who shoot for us the unearthly beauty of the starry sky. Although the pictures look, and that's good.

Oscar is a Finn, but grew up on the Greek island of Rhodes. He did not particularly like photography, until he returned to his homeland. The splendor of the Finnish night impressed him so much that he decided to purchase a high-quality SLR camera. Independently learned to take pictures and now often goes to the "hunt" for the stars.

"Almost always I go to the shooting alone," says Oscar. - Starry at night, left alone with yourself, you have a very special feeling. "

"If my picture shows a person - it's me. I put the timer on the camera, run to the right place and stand still for several minutes to make the frame clear. A long excerpt trains patience. "

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