DiCaprio laid out in his instagram a photo of a statuette received from residents of Yakutia, which was nicknamed "Yakut Oscar" and thanked the residents of Yakutia for this "amazing gift."

The photo was published by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio)

"Thank you to the people of Yakutia for this amazinga gift, especially to women who sacrificed precious material, which went to create a figurine. As they wrote in their letter, Yakutia is the coldest inhabited place not only in Russia, but in general on the Earth, and this region is highly vulnerable to climate change. Warming is a big threat to the people living there, their way of life and their natural habitat, "Leo wrote.

What is Yakut Oscar?

After the release of the movie "Survivor" many fansDiCaprio again began to worry because of the lack of such a talented actor Oscar. So in Yakutia the idea was born not to wait for the next awards ceremony, to cast a silver statue and send it to Leo in recognition of his talent as spectators. The idea of ​​creating a national award for Di Caprio belongs to Tatyana Yegorova, a resident of Yakutsk, a teacher of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts.

Yakut Oscar

"In fact, this idea was originallyme, and I kept it long enough, about 10 years. Literally this year, after the movie "Survivor", you can say my soul could not stand it, because in this film two of my favorite movie representatives came together: my favorite director Alejandro Gonzalez and Leonardo DiCaprio. I believe that such things rarely happen in life, and in general this film touched us very much - Yakutians, residents of northern latitudes. Looking at this film, how the hero of Leonardo DiCaprio survives in the most difficult conditions of the north, I decided that this role must be marked, including by us. We really liked that he dedicated his first Golden Globe Award to the indigenous peoples of the world, and we decided with our group, as well as my friend Gela Krasilnikova, as the authors of the project, to create such an action and make a reciprocal gesture of Leonardo DiCaprio.


Our man on the statuette is a Mongoloid,holding a ritual Yakut choroion, it is used during the celebration of the summer solstice. From it, "feed" the gods and spirits with koumiss. The vessel is made of gold, and the man himself is made of silver, as silver is our metal, he is more revered by the Yakuts "

- explains Tatiana Egorova.

Yakut Oscar, who is actually calledElley, is made of 1.386 kg of silver and 3.5 grams of gold collected by the indifferent residents of Yakutsk during the action "Oscar for Leo." The original Oscar is made of gilded Britain, which is not so luxurious.

Oscar Leo

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