In the period of unstable economic andpolitical situation, people are increasingly thinking about saving their own money. Many not only want to save money, but also to multiply them. How to make money on investments?

Among the main options are:

  • banks;
  • gold and precious papers;
  • the property;
  • securities;
  • stock markets;
  • education;
  • own business.


The best way to save and exaggerateits capital - deposits. This method consists in the fact that the bank pays the depositor a fixed interest for placing the deposit. Investors are very willing to use this option, since for the opening of the deposit only the passport and the funds themselves are needed. It is worth noting that deposits can be in rubles or in any other currency.


  • low interest on deposits in trusted banks;
  • the instability of the economy, which leads to the depreciation of ruble deposits.

Gold and precious metals

If you decide to make money, thenDo not exclude the option of storing them in gold or precious metals. It must be remembered that the value of gold, silver and other precious metals is timeless. This is a very good long-term investment.

As in the first version, there are some disadvantages here:

  • jewelry is difficult to sell quickly;
  • The value of coins issued to memorable dates exceeds the cost of the metal from which they are made;
  • long-term storage of large amounts of cash;
  • a short-term perspective may lead to the loss of a portion of the invested funds.

The property

The exchange of money per square meter is a good wayto earn on their investments. Professionals advise buying apartments in new buildings, as they are built using modern technologies and using modern materials. When choosing an apartment, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • area. The apartment must be purchased in areas with developed infrastructure;
  • the size. In order to save money, people try to rent 1 or 2-room apartments, therefore, when choosing accommodation, it is necessary to pay attention to it;
  • floor. Do not buy an apartment that is located above the fifth floor;
  • playgrounds and parking.

It is worth noting that the acquisition of real estate abroad is gaining in popularity.


Securities in securities - long-termperspective, because in connection with the unstable situation in the stock market, you can make a profit only after some time. If you decide to invest in securities, you need to acquire knowledge in this area, monitor changes in the global economy and the movement of securities.

Stock and foreign exchange markets

Currency and stock markets have long occupied their niche in saving and multiplying capital. The first is a platform for trading in hard currency, and the second is a security.

The most popular currency market is Forex, whichIt is widely used thanks to the Internet. Despite the fact that it brings a small income, foreign exchange markets are risky investments of money, because:

  1. The investor works through a broker. And to choose a good broker is very difficult.
  2. This process is very addictive gambling people who can not stop at the right time. Therefore, people in this category are not recommended to invest money in foreign exchange markets.


Education is a good way of long-termThe investment of money, which can bring a good income. Correctly selected educational institution for yourself or your child will allow you to get the necessary knowledge and get a job at a high-paying level.

Own business

If you have a unique idea for your ownbusiness, then with its help you can get money to work and thereby benefit from your investments. In this case, it is necessary to select the popular options on the market.

Losing options

It is not worth investing in the following projects:

  • online casino. If you are assured that investing money in an online casino, you can get a good profit, most likely, you are deceived, since this type of investment will not bear its fruits.
  • financial pyramids. It is worthwhile to understand that the financial pyramids are designed to receive money, and not to give them to the client. It is possible that at first you will be paid interest (while there will be a flow of capital investment), but then they can stop. And you not only will not receive the promised interest, but you will not be able to return the invested funds.

IMPORTANT! Choosing one of the options, you need to remember that all the money can not be put in one basket. Therefore, invest in several different options, which will save money in one of them, if the second option will incur losses.

If you want to invest the money correctly and get a good interest, read the article Where to invest money at interest.

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