The current user has to keep ina lot of logins and passwords. No wonder that sometimes they fly out of your head. You can, of course, store all the passwords on the "leaflet" or even in a special application, but still it is not very secure. In this article, we will talk about how to find the Qiwi-purse number and remember the password to it.

Find out the number

Qiwi-purse number is your phone number, andmore precisely, the phone number that is specified when registering the wallet. When registering, the system requires a number forcibly, so that no special number or login, invented by you, there can not be.

Recover password

There are three ways to solve the problem by which you can recover the password:

  1. We go to the site Qiwi -, click the button "Login to the site", then click on the link "Forgot password". Specify the purse number, enter the code from the picture and wait for SMS with information about the password.
  2. From the number indicated at the registration, we sendto the short number 4443 SMS with the contents of MP (Attention! Enter symbols in the Latin alphabet!) and wait, when the recipient's SMS will return a password. Important point - SMS paid!
  3. Contact the Qiwi Support Center. Under this link, select the item "Visa QIWI Wallet", specify the purse number, mail, the subject of the application "Password recovery" and wait for the response from the center.

As you can see, nothing complicated! So, worry about the forgotten password or Qiwi-purse number you definitely do not have to!

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