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How to put money on a card through an ATM of Sberbank?

Ease of storing and withdrawing fundsmakes bank cards more popular. If the withdrawal of money does not cause difficulties for most users, then how to put money on a card through an ATM of a Savings Bank is not known to everyone.

It should be noted that not all Sberbank ATMshave a cash in function (equipped with a bill acceptor). Usually it is located on the right side of the ATM below the list of serviced cards. Locations of ATMs can be found on the website of the Savings Bank.

General rules for working with an ATM to replenish the account

How to transfer money to the card? The ATM will come to your rescue if certain rules are followed:

  • check whether the ATM supports operations with Sberbank cards (presence of a sticker with a logo);
  • make sure that the cash dispenser is equipped with a bill acceptor;
  • insert the card into the ATM with a magnetic strip down;
  • do not insert banknotes in folded form, bills with folded corners, stuck together or worn bills;
  • Bills from a new bank bundle insert into the receiver one at a time.

The algorithm of replenishment of the account through an ATM of the Savings Bank

  1. Insert the card into the ATM slot and dial the PIN code.
  2. In the "Cash Operations" section, click the "Cash Accept" icon.
    Recharge card sberbank
  3. Wait until the screen prompts you to make money. The method of depositing money will also be indicated on the ATM screen (one bill or bundle).
  4. The ATM must count the bills and display the amount deposited.
  5. Finish the operation by clicking on the "next" button or insert more banknotes.
  6. After crediting money to the account you will receive a check confirming the operation.

With the help of an ATM, you can also replenish your Sberbank card, as you will learn from our article. In addition, we recommend our article - How to transfer money through an ATM.

If replenishment of the account through an ATM causes difficulties, ask for help from a consultant in the nearest branch of Sberbank.

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