Over time, the desire to sell your carthere is almost every car owner. The reasons can be forced: if you need to quickly get a large amount, or in case of an accident. But the most popular reason is the usual change of car to a newer and more modern model. The sale of a vehicle is characterized by a variety of features that affect both the cost and the degree of risk.

Legally competent sale of the car

First of all, you should sell the car infull compliance with the law. Try to avoid installments, even if they are issued in the form of a notarized receipt or contract. There is always a possibility that you will encounter unreliable buyers who simply will not pay at the next stage.

Thinking about how to properly sell the car, remember,that your task is to completely transfer ownership rights to the new owner. Accordingly, giving only the power of attorney to the buyer, you will remain the rightful owner of the car, therefore, be responsible for the actions of the new owner if he gets into an accident. To prove before the court that the car you sold, it will be difficult.

Thanks to innovations in legislation,the sale of cars has become simpler: you can not touch registration records, you do not need to legally certify the documents, and even in the traffic police you only need to change state numbers on the car you are selling, so that the old ones remain with you.

It will be necessary to sign a contract of sale andact of reception-transfer. It will be necessary to arrange all these documents in triplicate. In the vehicle's passport, data on the new owner are entered, after which all the cares for the insurance and subsequent technical inspection are transferred to the buyer.

Preparing the car for sale

Thinking about how to properly sell a car, it is worth bringing it into a decent state. This will require several simple actions.

  • It will be necessary to clean the car and the interior so that it looks really ready for sale.
  • Try to do without a complete repainting of the car, so that buyers do not suspect the presence of serious accidents in its history.
  • Find all the documents on repair work with the car, along with checks, so that buyers do not doubt its performance.
  • If there are minor problems with the operation of any elements, solve them before selling, so as not to give cause for undue bargaining, which reduces the price of the machine.
  • It is important to correctly determine the value of the car, taking into account not only the release date and model, but also features such as mileage or damage.

Of course, make competent ads and be friendly with potential customers, so that the car can be sold as quickly and productively as possible.

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