Sooner or later we all have to take out a loan. It is rare to find a person in the modern world, who does not have a credit card or on which there is not even a consumer loan hanging. Life circumstances are sometimes not the best way, and one has to resort to this service. Thanks to the development of the banking system and competition in our country today, you can not just take a loan, but also choose where and what interest you want to pay. How do I know if a loan application is approved? Now we will understand this question.

Ways to learn about whether a loan is approved

Different ways of obtaining information vary in different banks.

  • Bank "Sberbank". You can not view this information on the Internet or on the site. You need to contact directly the branch of the bank in which you left the application.
  • Bank "VTB 24". You can learn by SMS, which will come to your mobile phone, as well as in the bank branch.
  • Bank Trust". You can find out either in the office of the bank or simply by calling the hotline numbers on the bank's website.
  • Bank Alfa-Bank. Information on whether the application for a loan is approved can be found by calling the 24-hour Alfa Consultant telephone center or in the office itself.
  • Bank "Tinkoff". This bank only works on the Internet. Nevertheless, you can get a credit card of this bank easily and quickly, as well as learn about whether the loan is approved. To do this, you just need to send an application, after which you will be called, specify your details and immediately report whether they will give you a credit card.

There are also lending institutions that issue money quickly and at certain rates.

  • "Quick money." As in the case of the bank "Tinkoff", after completing the online application, you will call the specialist and verify your details. If you are suitable, you will immediately be informed whether the loan will be approved.
  • "Money". To get a loan, you need to come to the office with a passport. Within 5-10 minutes, the specialist who serves you will report whether the application will be approved.

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