Surely many people found paper at homemoney and coins, long out of circulation. Basically, they already have very little value, but some banknotes still have a certain value. Therefore, it makes sense to sell those notes that may turn out to be real rarities. How to sell money, where to find potential buyers, and how much can old bills cost?

How to evaluate old bills?

Learn how much these or other costs will costbanknotes, you can at special collectors' forums. Scan or take a photo of your money and put images on the Internet. By the way, on these same forums it is easy to sell all your old cash. If the money is really interesting, collectors will contact you.

It should be noted that banknotes issued in the periodfrom 1961 to 1991, will cost inexpensively - from twenty to three hundred rubles for one bill. In this case they should be in excellent condition. Valuable banknotes are found among the money that went out from 1921 to 1957. They are of interest to collectors and can be sold for a good amount. You can also make good money if you have cash notes issued before 1898.

Where to sell old money?

As we said earlier, you can do this inInternet on thematic forums. If you are in a hurry with the sale, you can contact the resellers. That's just not likely they will give the real value of old banknotes. At best, you will be able to gain about fifty percent of the market value. The best option that will help sell old paper money is to put them on auction, where lovers of rare banknotes will certainly offer a good price. Before the auction, ask the experts what the price of your money is, so as not to sell them for a song.

Sell ​​any old money in the bank you hardlyit will turn out. If in 2011 SKB-Bank was actively buying coins from the year 2003 from the population, now Russian banks do not buy metal money more than their nominal value. But coins from precious metals, commemorative and investment money, Sberbank buys today. These can be coins issued for the Olympics in Sochi, by March 8, and so on. A full list of such coins and their value can be found on the Sberbank website in the section "Coins and bars".

Sale of coins

In addition to paper money, various coins alsocan be a value for numismatists. In particular, we are talking about especially rare coins that were issued in 2003 and 2001. The fact is that in these years the circulation of coins was very small, so now the cost of metal money is much higher than their denomination. Coins worth 5 rubles in 2003 can be sold for 5000 rubles at auction, and money in face value of one and two rubles can bring you from eight thousand. Significantly more expensive are coins of the 2001 issue. At auctions, you can get up to 120 thousand rubles for coins with a face value of one or two rubles.

Here are a few numismatic sites on which you can sell coins:

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