Before asking for money from friends, colleagues and even close relatives, you need to understand how to do it right.

Being in the role of asking is unpleasant, unfamiliar andsometimes deeply injuring human dignity and pride. But in an emergency, you can not get away from it. Therefore, it is better not to think that you are humiliated, but soberly assess the situation and think about who and how much you can borrow. What amount exactly do you need, do you not overestimate it, hoping for a "miracle", that all of the sudden you will be able to return in time? First, clearly decide for yourself this question.

How to borrow: advice

Even if you ask a close relative,you need to explain the situation to him, tell him why you are asking for debt. The words "Well, let me give you so much!" will characterize you from a far from the best side. It will give the impression that you simply "squandered" all the money, but now you do not know what to do. Where is the guarantee that you will not do the same with the amount borrowed? Clearly explain when you plan to repay the debt.

Themselves offer to conclude a written agreement with the obligations of the parties, if you take a large amount - this will increase your credibility.

Do not try to apply anypsychological tricks, trying to put a relative to his superfluous flirtation. Only an honest, open statement of your problems can resolve the situation in your favor in a positive way. No matter how sophisticated, it is quite easy to understand what a person is trying to simply "breed" on a secured relative's money. And so the older generation can even prompt something sensible or acquaint them with the right people for an early exit from the crisis.

Close people are not employees of the bank whothey will constantly pester you with questions of debt repayment, even with a slight delay, they can wait, but it is not worth using other people's excessive kindness. Give money on time.

If you are going to borrow from a loved one, then you will be useful to our article. How to ask a man.

It is possible to study various methods for a long time on howcorrectly ask for money so that you will not be denied: press on pity, nobility, remind you that you once too helped this person. But it is unlikely that it will be good in relation to people close to you, and they did not deserve this.

Ask for a loan in person

  • Money should be requested only with personalmeeting - no quick conversations on the phone, messages to e-mail on this topic should not be. So you show disrespect and even disregard for a person, not considering it important to meet in person and discuss the problem that has arisen.
  • You need to ask for money yourself, without forcing someone to do it for you - so you put a person in an uncomfortable position, because he will have to vouch for you.

However difficult it may be, it should be remembered that, inFirst of all, it is better to ask for debt from close relatives and friends. If they can not help you, you can contact the bank and take the necessary amount there.

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