Many of us dream of becoming bankers, but not alltried to open their own commercial bank. I must say that any bank is not the property of one person, usually it is the addition of the capital of several people. That is, investors are gathered and decide what benefits can be derived from the organization of the financial enterprise. But before them the question will necessarily arise, how many it is necessary to open a bank, whether there will be enough money that they allocate for this event.

What is included in the cost of the bank

It must be said that there are certainnorms and rules approved by the National Bank. It is he who gives the license to open a financial institution. These rules indicate that the minimum statutory fund of any commercial bank should be 180 million rubles. And this is pure money, this does not include investing in the form of real estate, vehicles or other assets. Most importantly, this money must be "clean". That is, each investor proves that the money they bring is earned by honest labor.

You can buy a small bank that already has a license. Their value depends on different criteria, here and profit, and money turnover, and liquidity. And the prices for such banks are increasing. For example, in 2012, a small bank in Moscow at the beginning of the year cost $ 5 million, and at the end of the year - 7 million. Payment was made in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment.

Attention! For a statutory fund, you can not use money received through a loan from another bank. This should be the personal funds of each investor.

Russian banks (capitalization)

  • The most expensive bank in Russia is Sberbank. This giant today is worth 14.16 billion dollars. Over the past year, it has risen in price by $ 4 billion. Sberbank ranks thirteenth in the ranking of world banks.
  • The next of the Russian banks is VTB. Today it costs $ 2.34 billion. Its price for 2013 has risen by $ 0.5 billion. In the world rankings, he takes 87th place.
  • Bank of Moscow - 1.7 billion and 104th place.
  • Rosbank - $ 450 million and 241 places.
  • Nomos-Bank - 240 million and No. 358.
  • UralSib - 210 million and No. 403.
  • TransCreditBank - 200 million and 425 place.
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